Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Dinosaurs, David, Darwin and my Darling Daughter....

Went to London yesterday on the train to meet up with Sophie for a touristy day ...didn't waste any opportunity to do a bit of stitchin though .....

These are in no particular order ....a view in one of the Towers ....in the Tower of London ...... Sophie sings in the Tower choir so I got a special pass to have a look around ...this is the church she sings in ...Anne Boleyn is buried here ...it's a beautiful church which has a calm and bright feel about it..despite it's gruesome history....
The Chapel Royal of St. Peter ad Vincula ("St. Peter in chains") is the parish church of the Tower of London. It is situated within the Tower's Inner Ward and dates from 1520. It is a Royal Peculiar. The name refers to St. Peter's imprisonment under Herod Agrippa in Jerusalem. The Chapel is probably best known as the burial place of some of the most famous prisoners executed at the Tower.....The existing building was rebuilt for Henry VIII by Sir Richard Cholmondeley in 1519–20, but a chapel stood in its position since before the Norman conquest.[1] At the west end is a short tower, surmounted by a lantern bell-cote, and inside the church is a nave and shorter north aisle, lit by windows with cusped lights but no tracery, a typical Tudor design....The Chapel is perhaps best known as the burial place of some of the most famous Tower prisoners, including three queens: Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, the second and fifth wives of Henry VIII, respectively, and Lady Jane Grey, who reigned for nine days in 1553. George Boleyn, brother of Anne, was also buried here after his execution in 1536. Thomas More and John Fisher, who incurred the wrath of Henry VIII, were subsequently executed, and later canonised as martyrs by the Roman Catholic Church, are also buried here; Philip Howard, a third saint who suffered under the Tudors, was also buried here for a time before his body was relocated to Arundel (from Wiki)

Tyrannosaurus Skull ..Natural History museum ....This one's for Laura .....

Another view of the Tower church ......

A couple of Munchkins !!......

We also visited The V & A Museum and had a look at some of the exquisite textiles in the study centre .......not many photos I'm sorry as I can't get to grips with my new phone camera ......eagle eyed Kim noticed that ....

Don't know if you can see but I have dyed the back of my hair a great purple colour ....Hope you enjoyed the visit ......My puter is still poorly so have to catch up on a lot of blogging when it's better ..(This is from my school computer posted AFTER school has finished for the day I hasten to add ).....xx


  1. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful views and artwork. Wonderful photos, Lorna!

  2. Ooooooh! Looks like a wonderful day out. I have never been into the Tower of London, 'tis on my list of things to do! See you got to see Tippu's Tiger, one of my favourite things in the V & A! (That and the elephant prodder studded with semi precious stones - what every Maharaja just HAS to have!). So much to see in there, a veritable treasure trove.........

  3. Thanks for the romp through London. I thought I saw David in Italy??? Is he visiting or is there more than one David?

    I had a day out with my daughter and grand daughter on Sunday in SF. (See Sunday blog)...Fun these daughter/mother days!!!

  4. What a rich post, Lorna! All the places I love to visit that fill me up as I wander around and drink in the great beauty and history. Although I consumed each and every photo eagerly, they made me a little sad because I wasn't there in person to see the places again. Ironically, the picture that most captivated me was the top one - small slice of train window, train table with coffee or tea and your stitching. Thank you for sharing your day!

    Oh, no. WV = sopure. What can I say?

  5. I loved taking the tour with you! We don't have old buildings like these over here in the USA. I noticed your photos are better, no little line through them any more! Thanks for sharing and I hope your computer woes are solved soon.

  6. wow!!! i'm glad you told me to come see that skull!! i love all the pictures! what an adventure...the old stone walls...that 'medusa' (?) statue is something else! the snake plate, the tiger munching on the man...ouch! and that 'circus' mirror! ha! that's how i look to myself every time i gaze in a full length mirror! :) the skull...the dinosaur skeleton...GREAT! i love that last picture with the bridge in the background! (and that hint of purple we get to see...looks pretty cool to me!) what a wonderful, exciting day! all in just ONE day??!! thanks for the journey!! and i hope your computer heals soon! :laura

  7. The Tudors are my favourite period in history. Looks like you had a wonderful day.

  8. Glad to see you showing off my town so well. You looked as if you had funxxlynda

  9. A great post...so many interesting places to visit.

  10. Great history lesson Lorna....lol....looks like you both had a wonderful day x

  11. joli reportage.. intéressant!
    le rouge des cheveux..pas vu!

  12. It's a bit like going on a tour with a wonderful tour guide... very interesting info about the tower!

  13. thanks for all your lovely comments .here I am still using the school computer as my laptop is still in the hospital ....it was a fun day and pleased you all enjoyed the tour ....xx

  14. What a day out & loved the grafitti from Brighton.

    Well, turn round, then!

  15. I love your blog. I love your tours. I love your hair. I think your daughter and you are beautiful. Inside and out. Thanks for posting the pictures.

  16. Oh my gosh look at you with the wild purple hair!~ Brave gal that you are, put it right out there. You did have quite a tour. My one and only
    trip to London we stayed right across from the V&A and walked on the Thames for a whole afternoon when we went to the Tate Modern. Quite a bit away, but your London tube is quite marvelous and easy to navigate. Lovely day with Sophie, thanks for reminding me of all that
    history I learned so long ago. xox Corrine

  17. Hi! I received the gorgeous ATCs today! OMG, I was absolutely speechless. They are perfection, both in color and pattern (not to mention technique). Thank you so much. I'll get pictures on them on my blog tomorrow. BTW, enjoyed your pics!

  18. Emma Ill post up a side view of the barnet this weekend as I have my computer back now ...xx
    Lisa he he ...I love you too ...xx
    Corrine yes I was a real tourist too I rarely do London its too busy for me ...but we had a great day and walking along the Thames is fun...xx
    Cindy Rose pleased you likes them and they arrived safely ...xx

  19. What great photos! I would soooo love to visit the tower and see some of these places!
    And the little sheds on the seaside - we seriously need to have loads of those here in NZ!! They look like they are well looked after, they are all painted and very tidy!


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