Friday, 30 April 2010

By George I've done subtle ....!!!

Think I've managed to do subtle for once ........

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Welcome to Blogland Jim ......and fly free pigeon

Jim has just started his blog you can find him at ..... ( can't insert hyperlink sorry)

It's going to be all about his songwriting and gigs and 'stuff' .......and even more exciting ( well thats debatable what is more exciting than Blogland ...) his website is 'going live' (if that's the term) tomorrow so you will be able to see pics and hear songs too .......Hurray !!!

A Happy ending ....

here is a pigeon I picked up in the playground at school today, I was told by a pupil that she had seen a crow attack it after it had got caught on the metal bars outside one of the windows then it had fallen down to the ground poor thing .....after sitting in my fabric cupboard for about an hour he or she was well enough to release back into the wild free little pigeon .....( please note some lovely linen fabric that my daughter ( she was in helping me today)kindly cut so that the little pigeon had a soft bed !!!)

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Thank you Connie Rose and Tattoo inspired stitching

Some dye samples done today after being inspired by Constance Rose Progressive Textiles ....I used dye and brusho powders ......( Not anything like Constance Rose's work but I'll keep trying !!!)...
Thought I'd include some Yr 9 cushion projects ( 14 yr olds)based on tattoos and Day of the Dead sugar skulls ........the GCSE Textile exam has been going on over the last two days so will show you some final pieces tomorrow

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Isle of Wight, Jim and Spooning Tuesday

Any chance to stitch I've got it BAD........!!

Me an' Jim Spooning ......

Bit of a mix and match today ..Jim was playing last night on the Isle of Wight at the Quay Arts Centre.It was like going on holiday taking the car on the ferry....the recording of Jim is not the best (sounds like he's underwater ) as I forgot to take my camera and had to film it on my phone ..... The spoons are for Mafiosagrrl who posted about spoons this morning ..these three spoons I bought in a charity shop ...I thought I might use them in my work this space ....
Jim At Quay Arts Centre playing 'Bird'

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Klimt's Garden in the Moonlight.....

This is a recent piece that has gone on it's adventure ........xx

Saturday, 24 April 2010

We love the river....

We walked for miles by the river today ..... had a picnic and a pub lunch .....PERFECT........
( Gracie my black dog wears a muzzle as she has NO respect for any furry creature !!!)

Jocelyn balancing act

Ruby Tumble Toss

Ganesh with 10 yr olds

Had a great day yesterday worked with 18 10 yr olds ....They are making wall hangings learning the techniques of block printing, stencilling and batik. Yesterday was the first day of printing and was fun... next time we will batik the borders and then do some stitching and make some tassels for it....I will post the finished products ...xx

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Pen Power......Writin'........Yikes !!! and I need a pair of glasses

Posted this handwriting post this morning and only just noticed had two pages of quotes the same !!!....sorry normal service will be resumed tomorrow....x

That's All Folks ........xx

Sunday, 18 April 2010

11 hours left.....trying to squeeze a few more hours stitching...

This is the one I think looks like an Alien eating the earth!! wasn't intended but now I can see his profile it's difficult to see anything else....

Yes it's happened .....our holidays are almost over....only 11 hrs to go before we get up and get onto the hamster wheel !!!...or the roller coaster rather !!
Here are a few more ATCs some have been inspired by the collage I saw in the underpass on 'Mighty Oak 'post right at the end ....but I think some of them look like aliens eating the earth ....what do you think ???

Friday, 16 April 2010

AAAhhh back to normal ...lots of colour and sparkly....!!

I have had fun the last few days creating these ATCs..only 3 more stitching days of the hols left though !!
Yesterday we had a rare treat as Sophie was performing near where we live. I don't often get to see her sing so it was a chance to be a proud Mum. Before the performance we walked by the canal.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Crop Circles ..Aliens or Man-made ??.....some interesting evidence..

Jim has written a song dedicated to his Dad, Dave Chorley. It's set in the Winchester countryside. His Dad used to go out for a pint with his mate Doug every Friday night. They told their wives that they were going for a pint when in fact they were going to make crop circles. They came clean with the national press when it was rumoured that the Government were to fund scientific investigations into these 'mysterious phenomenon' The song is called 'Painting Circles in the Corn' Dave and Doug were both artists the You Tube interview below was when they confessed to the National press.
Maybe some crop circles have been made by UFO's what do you think ???......xx

My man ....filmed in the garden so the occasional bird call and bamboo chimes clanking in the wind....

Monday, 12 April 2010

Will I ever work in a subtle colour palette ????

The background for this one is a piece of knitting done on the knitting machine.
This is a birthday postcard probably halfway round the world by now .....I made the background but cutting lots of different wools and trapping them in solufleece .....dissolving it then adding a piece of organza over it and lots of free machining....the words are free machine embroidery too ....

The blue swirl was my attempt using the embellisher machine I bought for school. I haven't got on with it very well I am not sure why ....maybe it's because I like wet felting .....has anyone else found this? ....most people seem to love the embellisher ........the jury's out as far as my experience with it...
This is some new work I've done this last week ....some have gone to new homes by now ....I did try and use a different colour palette for the first one inspiration I used the lichen covered gravestones from the manure farm post ....I couldn't help adding 'pops' of unrelated colour ...I cannot stick to a more subtle palette ....I will keep trying though !!!

This is one I did a while ago but I'm quite fond of it and will probably let it stay with me ......xx
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