Monday, 14 March 2011

Introducing the Lovely Leggy Lizzy....

Welcome to our Home the Lovely Leggy Lizzy all the way from Bisbee Arizona and Kim from Numinosity beads.....the LL Lizzy is another sister of my darling Augustus, who you may have read about on previous posts ...he has been a little quiet recently as he has found his soulmate, the Gentle Ellen who joined our ever expanding family from Pam at Yoroboro. Augustus and the Gentle Ellen live in my workroom where they can snuggle in the bags of fabrics and listen to radio 4 with me while I work on my glittery creations every evening .....yes folks it's true EVERY evening ...I am textile obsessed and self-confessed colourholic.....there's nothing I can do about it except give in to my passion for all things textiley.....(More on the LLLizzy tomorrow)
Hot off the sewing machine and my hand needle tonight are these brooches ....what do ya think ??


  1. These brooches are great-love the colors!

  2. thanks Janet ..that was a quick comment ...xx

  3. Wonderful new brooches, Lorna! Thumbs up to those.

    I have a Kim rag doll, too, and should post about her. Callista would certainly be some relation to Augustus, Candace and now Lizzy.

  4. Love the brooches, colors right up my alley.

    Hi Lizzy!

  5. These are very cool. I bet the colors burst in person.
    I'm glad Lizzy is settling in, long legs and all. ( I realize now that I didn't have her length listed in metric, no wonder you were surprised!)
    Your rigged winning package is on it's way!
    xoxo Kim
    PS, What happened to your new camera?

  6. Your posts always show up a day late for me? Blogger yuck. How did I know you would welcome LL Lizzy. You are too cute. She will fit in fine and have lots of friends at your place. Wonderful broaches, so different!
    So Colorful! xox Corrine

  7. Arh i nice to see you fostering Lizzy and i do hope she enjoys here stay x Wonderful brooches x

  8. Hello LL Lizzy!

    Fab brooches, are they made of your usual wonderful mix of things?

    If it was mine I'd definately give you the purple beach hut, whose elses could it be?!

  9. Ooooh, I love the brooches, and your new dolly. :) I have a crowd that watches me work, too. They are nestled around, some are peering over the edge of my scrap box. I like the company. :) xox Pam

  10. Leggy Lizzy has a new home...where she fits right in!! bursting with color and love!!

    your new brooches are always!
    your talent for creating with such bright vivid colors...shiny & glittery... is enough to turn anyone's frown...into a smile! HAPPY art!! i love it!! :]

  11. "self-confessed colourholic" -- I love that!

    The brooches are lovely.

  12. These brooches are wonderful. I think my wife will love them. From the details alone, I can say that you spent an ample amount of time producing these pieces. Keep on posting!

    John Briner Art


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