Sunday, 6 March 2011

Barking Mad ..........

Went to Hill Head today for a stroll along the beach ended up walking miles ...Gracie barked ALL the time she was so excited ........her wound has healed up completely at last and she is now able to go off lead again and BOY does she let you know !!! her own style .....xx And back to the car for a hot cross bun and a cuppa from the Thermos taking in the view of the Isle of Wight...How British....


  1. Ok.....your blog name alone made me smile. Why in the world did I not think of that one?

    Thanks for the visit!

    Love your work and the purple hair is awesome.

  2. Simple pleasures are the best!Gracie was in doggie heaven!!Brrr it looked cold, but cold is lovely and bracing.Clears the head. I love the beach in wild weather.

  3. When spring comes you'll be bloomin' mad, right?
    So nice to see you guys getting out. We had a hot desert day at the desert museum before we put our friends on the plane.
    Lookout for my 200th post giveaway really soon!
    xoxo Kim

  4. Karen I can ONLY work in an Artymess....x
    Judy Gracie had a blast she has been confined to lead for the last 8 months because of her operation ......x
    Kim I am Bloomin Barkin Mad old woman ...x

  5. Glad to know Gracie is all healed. Stich looks pretty cute too. Did Gracie fling herself into the waves, or was it too cold even for her. Nothing better tha a walk on the beach to give you a fresh perspective on life. xox Corrine

  6. Corrine Stitch is cute but SO naughty little terrier ....great to blow the cobwebs away ...x

  7. She looks so happy. What a camera ham. She runs back to get videoed. Or, so it could appear. LOL I want a hot cross bun. :)) And, some coffee. And, that great walk with such awesome companions.

  8. Lisa you are welcome anytime for a cuppa and a bun ...and Im sure Gracie will ham it up for you too.....xx

  9. Nothing like a brisk walk by the sea! Mad dogs & Britishmen ;)

    Lovely work, below & now I can see your hair - love the twotone, it's fabulous!

    Thanks for your kind comment! x

  10. hello..glad your back. I'm now having computer issues. posting from various places..not fun.
    thanks for sharing your trips out and about.
    Rock on with the purple hair!

  11. ...i don't know what happened to Gracie...and what she's all healed up from...but looks like she's doing great...and looks like your comp is all healed too!! yay!!
    Nice pictures...nice day...any time spent outdoors is a good time! :]

  12. Hey Laura thanks for visiting .Gracie is 13 yrs old now and had a nasty lump removed last July ......but she all mad and well again now ...x


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