Sunday, 20 March 2011

Shoreham-on-sea.....and Introducing Heather ....

Went to Shoreham today for a family get together meal .....we had a lovely day and I thought I'd introduce Heather to you. Heather is my SIL and a talented artist she makes these brilliant canvasses. She makes a combination of lino cuts and screen prints check out her website She will make you a customised design ...just She and Martin live on a cool houseboat called 'The Millie-Ann' Heather is the one wearing a flowered poncho!!...(sorry only got the back of you Hev)

In the boatyard........

One of the tattoo tiles in the kitchen........

The Millie-Ann and the back of Heather and Otess.......

Jim looking a bit bewildered on the top deck of the Houseboat the Gypsy caravan feel cosy ......xx


  1. I grew up spending my childhood summers on the River Wey on a boat my father built. I'm very jeaous of Hev and Martin - it was always a dream of mine to live on a houseboat when I became an adult though I suspect the old rose tinted glasses are coming into play a bit there! I'm conveniently forgetting how cold and damp it can be in winter! Nice to see someone's actually doing it though; loving those vibrant canvases too....

  2. Yes I have had a life dream to live on a narrowboat and I think we are nearer that dream now watch this space ...well it'll be a little while yet ....x

  3. Fab art work, a v talented lady your sil....a whole alphabet!

    Congrats to your daughter singing in such a place!

  4. thanks Emma yes the work is great isn't it ....and Sophie had a grand old time thank you ...xx

  5. I surely thank you for the introduction to Heather and her wonderful works. Your post also made me muse on my current mundane lifestyle. My soul is wild and quirky. My actual, physical life looks like an old brown shoe. I need a houseboat or a tree house or a gypsy caravan!

  6. Lealie Yes we have a little caravan which we love and use (but not nearly enough) in the Summer but Jim and I are going to live on a narrowboat one of these days it has been a life long dream of mine ...xx

  7. How romantic except that would limit one's studio space wouldn't it!
    Thanks for showing us her work, I really like the graphic style and that she uses recycled fabrics.
    xoxo Kim

  8. how fun! have also thought about living on a houseboat.......but think it might just be a dream
    would love to go on a long boat holiday tho!
    good luck with your dreams

  9. This art makes me think of the Grateful Dead!
    Funny, the first words that came to mind when thinking of living on or visiting this house boat were "wet and damp". How do they stay warm? They do look bundled up. Not sure I could manage in the limited space, but glad they are happy there.

  10. boy, you get around! just went through several of you posts. you must be a very pround mom.
    xxxx, jill

  11. Cozy spot that house boat, like the caravan feel too. Quite talented your SIL, the tat is great....Jim does look a bit surprised, bewildered, too much strumming and not enough sleeping. xox Corrine

  12. I would love to live like this. :)) Awesome!

  13. Kim I have thought of that ...I would buy a Butty too so that would be my studio ...x
    Anne narrowboat holidays are the best I first went on one in 1976 the year of the drought and we kept getting grounded ...x
    Lynn it's not damp although it can be cold they have heating and a large wood burner ...x
    Jill yes I was a proud Mum ...x
    Corrine it is real cosy don't think I could keep my stash there though !!...x
    Lisa yes we always dream of the simple life too day we will get our narrowboat ...x

  14. what a great lifestyle, i love those narrow boats. one of my fav things to do in Guildford was to go and watch them navigate the gates with the rising lowering of the water, cant remember what thats called :)


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