Sunday, 27 March 2011

Different beach ......

Cold tootsies at the beach....

Me an' Joss at Bognor ....

Work those legs girls !!......

And those arms and abs.....Ouch ...Feel the burn ....

Show off !!....
It was a bit grey by the time we got to The Witterings....

But that didn't deter the great British spirit...

'It's the beginning of British Summertime ...I will enjoy myself at the beach' ...

Jim, Joss, John and I went to Bognor today and then to West Wittering, where Jim had a paddle in the sea ....How British !!..... it wasn't quite warm enough for the string vest and knotted handkerchief though ...x


  1. Brrr...Lorna, looks a mite cool to me!!!Nothing like the sea air to blow away the cobwebs!!

  2. c'est pas possible.. il fait encore trop froid!!
    j'attends les 30° pour mettre les pieds dans l'eau..

  3. It was a mite cold Judy .....and Elfi I didn't try it ...too cold for me !!!......xx

  4. I dont mind anytime at the beach could have snow and i would still enjoy it....i was at Southsea Sorting Robbies wheelchair out last week and had a walk along the beach once he was sorted.....great photos x

  5. I am sure the sea is a bit chilly yet, ha ha your comment about British summer. It is below freezing temps here. Work those legs, love that swing thing, never seen one exactly like that. xox Corrine

  6. a lovely time for those souls brave enough to get out into the elements. Good for you and thanks for sharing.

  7. Nothing like a cold blast on a beach, very British, where was your picnic? ;)

  8. What lovely pics! You guys look like you are having a wonderful time. Aren't you glad the season is changing? I am so happy to open the door in the morning and not be hit with an Arctic blast - lol! xox Pam

  9. Ha..have not been to Bognar or THE Whittings for years and years..thanks for the memories. you all look very happy..very British!Hax lynda

  10. haha only the British !!!looks like you had great day tho....

  11. ...overcast...chilly...a perfect day at the beach!
    and...OH! all those shells? rocks? stones? in the Bognor pic...yikes! my pockets would get HEAVY with all the little treasures!

    any 'get away' a good day indeed! :]


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