Thursday, 24 March 2011

Bits and Bobs .....

ATcs done for some swaps recently ...sorry I am back to my old camera phone some of you eagle eyes namely Kim and Jan noticed I had a new one recently (No line across)but it was far too advanced for me so I'm back to the devil I know ......x


  1. These are great, that door one has a nice bit of extra. Did you print those words on cloth? I want to make some labels for the backs of my small wall hangings - scared the fabric might get stuck - was trying to explain it to my DH & he can't get past the idea of even printing on fabric ;)Just gotta try I guess.

  2. I am in awe these are so beautiful...and frankly a little jealous I didn't think of an arched fold out like that. ha! :0)
    You do the most amazing work.

  3. These are amazing as always. I love the opening arch. it's super duper even with lines across it! I haven't seen many pastely ones from you before. Very delicate and feminine.
    I have to say too that I love the way your postcards and ATC's FEEL!
    They have such tactile and sturdy feel and I must tell you that I don't just look at them. They are meant for touching- nylon, velvet and metallics...just ooooh
    xoxo Kim

  4. Oh, the little triptychs are beautiful! All your work amazes me, Lorna, but the triptychs are very special. Thank you for sharing. Perhaps when you get that narrowboat, you'd allow me to dock a little dinghy nearby and just follow you around? ;~}

  5. Emma what you do is buy freezer paper wich you cut into A4 pieces then iron a piece of cotton onto it and put it through an injet printer as you would a piece of paper....voila ....x
    Thank you Katie thats very kind of you to say so ......x
    Kim yes I try and get my students to understand about the FEEL of textiles as well as the visual ......i even have to touch pictures of stitching too just in case ....x
    Leslie I would love you to follow us round in your dinghy...what fun we'd have ....there are canals in Wales too ....x

  6. Hi Lorna Just love these new ones especially the one with the opening doors. Really neat!
    Your work is always so textural and I love this.
    Thanks for lovely comment too on my blog!

  7. Hello Lorna,
    These are beautiful, I just love the way you use colour and are coming up with some wonderful artwork. The atc's are just scrummy. Thank you for sharing.
    Best wishes,
    Jane C

  8. Love that top piece. Re freezer paper: can I ask, does it give a nice soft print? Am asking because up till now I have used the iron on paper and gives a "plasticy" finish which I don't always want. Always nice to ask someone before purchasing some of these things since it is usually quite expensive..........

  9. The gothic arch is to die for, such wonderful treasures to be found when you open the door. I think 'love' is an entirely appropriate word to describe it!

  10. Dear Lorna, I like here everything, but the altar is full of love and holly. Thanks for everything and your creativity!!

  11. You are just in a creative whirl my friend, these are brilliant. So comfort is a good thing too! xox Corrine

  12. very nice cards. I am over the moon for your flowers on your last post.

  13. Think of the abs and biceps I'll have from rowing my dinghy!

  14. Loving the ATCs and I just love spotting that angel on the christmas stamp from a few years back. I'll be working your ATCs tonight and tomorrow. Popped over here now though as just spotted we're on the same fabric journal class with Carole in New Zealand! Small world :) Have a great day, love Sharon x

  15. Thank you for following my work, it is an enjoyment to follow yours which is magnificent!

    Happy day

  16. Such lovely colours and textures. And the pics of the seaside are fabulous.

  17. amazingly beautiful...creative...colorful...your art puts a smile on your face whether you want it or not!!

    i love the little arch/ the doors to fantasy land! love it!!

    ....and your ATCs (?) they have herbs or something sewn inside?

    your artwork is truly amazing and inspiring... :]


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