Friday, 25 February 2011

EEK....Pesky virus and visit to Brighton ...

The access to my computer is now non existent because of a pesky virus so I have not been visiting all of you as I usually is a peek at some photos of Brighton yesterday ( I am on Joss' puter at the moment ...thanks Joss)....Normal service will be resumed shortly ....x


  1. sorry about your machine..hope it is fixed soon. I love brighton and often visit from london. Love all the imagesx lynda

  2. Sorry about the virus. Missing you.... Brighton look great, love that pier and Jim looks ever so handsome against those bright colored lights. Hope you resolve the virus quickly....xox Corrine

  3. I got the purse, thank you. I love it. nice pics and hope you are back with us soon!
    xxx, Jill

  4. Wow photos are stunning Lorna, love the one of you and Jims reflection in the door...and my wonderful card was posted from here...thank you so much it was i nice surprise x

  5. oh no! i hope your computer feels better soon...viruses! ugh!

    love those pictures!! especially the graffiti-like art! and the sunset (rise?)...the window reflection...and the bright carousel! THANKS! you've made my morning a little happier!! for another cup of coffee...

    heal thyself computer.... :] laura

  6. Wow - I love these pictures. I have always loved carnival art, and the colors of places like Brighton. Not to mention the ocean! :) I hope you get your computer feeling better soon! xox Pam

  7. Lorna- thanks for the nice message-
    how did you manage to find a sunny day in Brighton??! nice photos- hope you had a good time
    and your computer gets well soon!

  8. Great photographs. Hope your computer is mended soon.


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