Monday, 12 April 2010

Will I ever work in a subtle colour palette ????

The background for this one is a piece of knitting done on the knitting machine.
This is a birthday postcard probably halfway round the world by now .....I made the background but cutting lots of different wools and trapping them in solufleece .....dissolving it then adding a piece of organza over it and lots of free machining....the words are free machine embroidery too ....

The blue swirl was my attempt using the embellisher machine I bought for school. I haven't got on with it very well I am not sure why ....maybe it's because I like wet felting .....has anyone else found this? ....most people seem to love the embellisher ........the jury's out as far as my experience with it...
This is some new work I've done this last week ....some have gone to new homes by now ....I did try and use a different colour palette for the first one inspiration I used the lichen covered gravestones from the manure farm post ....I couldn't help adding 'pops' of unrelated colour ...I cannot stick to a more subtle palette ....I will keep trying though !!!

This is one I did a while ago but I'm quite fond of it and will probably let it stay with me ......xx


  1. I love all your vivid colors, but then I would, I don't know why but I can't use muted color palette either. Keep the bold going, I love it!

  2. I've a ton of questions! Lets talk thread and needles may we? I think I see you using four strands in your hand embroidery am I correct?
    And I wonder if this is thicker than normal embroidery floss? What sort of needle do you use. I need to go to the store and find something with a big enough eye for the thread to go through and a pointed sharp end.

    Did you make clothing with the knitting machine? Curious me. It looks like it does a good job.

    How do you get such thick letters with free style machine sewing? Are you on the ziz zag stitch?

    I told you I had a lot of questions!

    I am very very very impressed with the wide variety of well done stitches (love the flowers with four petals) and yes that bottom piece is great. Are those rusted metal objects sewn on?

    Thanks for sharing and if you have time for answers to questions. ;-)

  3. Hi Corrine thanks's difficult to work with more subtle tones ....not that I want to get away from language is colour and texture....xx

    Lyn thanks for comments I have sent you a long rambling e mail ...he he ....xx

  4. Similarly, I seem to keep returning to muted tones in most of my work as much as I try to brighten up a bit. My ATC's seem to come out the most colorful. I love your work and the colors you use. These are all beautiful.
    I may take a felting class next year. it looks like fun.


  5. Lorna i love the colours of your work they brighten up my favourites here are the top and bottom ones......stunning x

  6. Lorna, you know ME, I LOVE my embellishing machine. When we have our next swap, I'll send you a felted card to play with.I will do it in lovely bright colours. Then you'll see how versatile it is.I wish I could just pop over and show you!!Maybe I'll take some pics of the steps and post on my Blog. Hmm- good idea.
    See next Blog post.

  7. Hi Kim yes wet felting is fun you get results a bit like your beads you can use bold colours I prefer it to embellishing but I must keep trying with that darn machine !!!x
    Jennie thanks for that hasn't your envelope arrived yet it's taken AGES it would have been quicker to bring it up ....x
    Judy I know your work on the embellisher is FAB i cannot get to grips with it at all ....I will keep trying......x

  8. lorna-
    lovely work! you have been busy
    your work is always so shimmery........think you probably are in person too!
    and as always, thanks for your comments on my blog

  9. Love your fabric creations... so vibrant and cheerful. I'm a color freak, so--this is not surprising. Thanks for following my blog. Now you make me want to get out my fabric stashes. LOL :)


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