Thursday, 8 April 2010

Bees Buzzing about their Business

Went for a lovely walk today with the doggies passed a lovely cherry blossom tree was covered in honey bees their legs overloaded with pollen ....on the video I hope you can hear the Buzzing it was amazing...and the smell was heavenly....(in between the cars anyhow) !!.....x
You will need the sound up after the first 6 secs ( cars passing during that time !)


  1. Can hear the bees. Saw the biggest bumblebee yesterday so they are flying on this side of the pond as well.

  2. Yes it was a great sight a massive bumblebee landed on my little dog Stitch's nose he jumped a mile !!....x

  3. Lovely blossom & bees, none here yet. I'll keep an eye out. Neighborhood ducks coming by for bread but our springer is v jealous :0

  4. Important thing, being aware of the small wonders, isn´t it... + thank you for stopping by at Gerdiary...

  5. Just wonderful !!
    Love the blossom flowers indeed. Can't find any in my place.

  6. Funny hey i have also seen the bigest bees too and quite alot of them....that tree is well in blossom too.

  7. lovely! I have been seeing a few very large bumble bees in the past couple of days........yea for bees!


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