Sunday, 18 April 2010

11 hours left.....trying to squeeze a few more hours stitching...

This is the one I think looks like an Alien eating the earth!! wasn't intended but now I can see his profile it's difficult to see anything else....

Yes it's happened .....our holidays are almost over....only 11 hrs to go before we get up and get onto the hamster wheel !!!...or the roller coaster rather !!
Here are a few more ATCs some have been inspired by the collage I saw in the underpass on 'Mighty Oak 'post right at the end ....but I think some of them look like aliens eating the earth ....what do you think ???


  1. Thanks for signing up to follow my blog Lorna! I like these but they don't look like aliens to me - hehe.....

  2. cant see any aliens but love the colours bright and vibrant which is not me at all lol ju x

  3. All i can see is an alien on the first one now its still lovely and i hope you have had a good first day back at work x

  4. I think once you see something in a piece it is there forever........Thanks Lorraine,Conni Ju and Jennie for visiting and leaving a comment its always good to get feedback .....xx

  5. Lorna, These are all really great. I see the alien and love it but not as much as the treat I got in the mail today.....all I can say is WOW and I love it. Thanks so much. Judy

  6. Loran, I love looking at photos of your work as you create them. Would you ever be interested in doing a trade?


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