Thursday, 29 April 2010

Welcome to Blogland Jim ......and fly free pigeon

Jim has just started his blog you can find him at ..... ( can't insert hyperlink sorry)

It's going to be all about his songwriting and gigs and 'stuff' .......and even more exciting ( well thats debatable what is more exciting than Blogland ...) his website is 'going live' (if that's the term) tomorrow so you will be able to see pics and hear songs too .......Hurray !!!

A Happy ending ....

here is a pigeon I picked up in the playground at school today, I was told by a pupil that she had seen a crow attack it after it had got caught on the metal bars outside one of the windows then it had fallen down to the ground poor thing .....after sitting in my fabric cupboard for about an hour he or she was well enough to release back into the wild free little pigeon .....( please note some lovely linen fabric that my daughter ( she was in helping me today)kindly cut so that the little pigeon had a soft bed !!!)


  1. Exciting stuff for your man and what a sweet story about the pigeon,
    we did that with a day old mouse once....the things we do for our
    animal companions.......xo

  2. Great picture of Jim will check out his site....ahh poor pigeon but glad all was well in the end.

  3. Yay for the pigeon! I've nursed Junkos that got stunned flying into a plate glass window...thought they would die but after a little while they shook themselves off and flew away!

  4. yup alls well that ends well's always good when they fly off ......xx


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