Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Isle of Wight, Jim and Spooning Tuesday

Any chance to stitch I've got it BAD........!!

Me an' Jim Spooning ......

Bit of a mix and match today ..Jim was playing last night on the Isle of Wight at the Quay Arts Centre.It was like going on holiday taking the car on the ferry....the recording of Jim is not the best (sounds like he's underwater ) as I forgot to take my camera and had to film it on my phone ..... The spoons are for Mafiosagrrl who posted about spoons this morning ..these three spoons I bought in a charity shop ...I thought I might use them in my work ....watch this space ....
Jim At Quay Arts Centre playing 'Bird'


  1. Jim sounds wonderful Lorna and that photo of you and him is nice you both look all loved up....special.....im loving the look of the spoons and cant wait to see what you did with them.....Just also wanted to thank you here for my super wonderful atc card i love that heart xx

  2. Sounds divine!I've got "goose-bumps" just lookin' at that photo. CUTE!!!

  3. You guys are just too cute!

    My friend Kenny who's 61 had never heard of spooning until out group trip to Mexico! (My husband had never heard of hot flashes until we got together 5 years ago either, he know about them now)
    I could see the spoons as little hangers for a fiber piece like a weaving.
    PS I think it's safe to send the ATCs to Alaska now. we fly home tomorrow & yours is in the mail.

  4. You and your man look so cute together. I found some of those little spoons. I agree with Kim, a little hanging weaving or atc - great idea.
    Your stitching is just so fab I know you will do something wonderful.
    Glad you had your ferry adventure. Ferry's are great, just being on the sea...the air and the smell!

  5. love the pic of you stitching on the ferry, i love to stitch when i'm out and about. you and jim look so in love, it's really a great pic. Love your spoons, can't wait to see what you do with them. I'm sure it'll be fantastic!

  6. Will come back to listen later...such a cute couple!!!!!!!!!!! Spoon away...I am at work peeking in.

  7. thanks for all comments everyone I have had a glitch on my blogger comment thingy so haven't be able to thank you for all the lovely stuff that you've said bout me an' Jim ....xx


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