Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Manure Farm

Yesterday we visited 'Manure' Farm , actually Manor Farm but Ruby mispronounced it and I think Manure farm is more apt and forever shall it be so....It was a beautiful spring day and I took lots of pics......... I'll share some with you .......Manure Farm is run like an olden day farm ....There is a farm house which is really charming and kitted out with original kitchenalia and baskets . It's set in the Victorian era. Next door is an old schoolroom full of the sorts of desk I had when I was at school( yikes am I an olden day school kid ??!!) blackboard complete with handwriting practice (How times have changed)and nature 'show and tell' table.I love Nature tables did you have one at school???Outside there are old fashioned games, metal hoops and hopscotch and skipping ropes ......... It's the time we are pleased that we are vegetarian especially when we saw the three little piggies.....We walked past the old forge and waggonner's workshop( should that be Cartwrights?) past the duck pond and into the old churchyard. The church is a really calm place to sit awhile. I love old church graveyards with lichen covered gravestones. Maybe there will be some of these colours in my next projects. The primroses were so pretty in the sunshine. All was well with the world.
Scroll right to end of post to play video of Jim skipping and Ruby singing a skipping song.....xx

To see Jim (beardless) skipping then press play...... filming and singing by Ruby.


  1. First things first, now what a show off is Jim....lol....loved that vid with ruby singing a skipping song....Sounds like your day was much better than mine.....great photos Lorna and a great way to show and tell...lol....will look forward to the postie arriving xx

  2. Wow that was quick Jennie .hope you have a better day tomorrow ...xx

  3. Looks like great fun. I liked Jim skipping, locks flying and those piggies. Primulas gorgeous too.


  4. thanks Corrine yes it was fun we all had a go at skipping I seemed a lot heavier than I used to when I was at school and lots of me wobbled not a pretty sight ..thought Jim looked prettier .....he He ......xx

  5. What a hoot!! Seeing things from a child's point of view makes the world seem a much more Magical place. I LOVE MANURE FARM!!!

  6. Hi Judy yes it will be Manure farm forever now ........x

  7. Hey Lorna, it does mean that Robbie will probably have to have a couple more appointments and what with him being a uni it could mean longer, just hope they can sort something out :-{

  8. what lovely pictures! especially the cows......love the colours
    and - thank you for your comment on my blog.......



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