Friday, 9 April 2010

Mighty oak

Passed this Oak tree on our walk this morning ...(I took this using panoramic on my phone but I think I've repeated a bit of the tree and it's bigger than it should be ....never mind you get the picture anyhow ).I could get used to this holiday business......Jim took me for breakfast at a new Cafe thats opened in our local shopping precinct. Its called Asante which is Swahili for Thank you. Its run as a charity all proceeds go to building schools and paying for teachers in locations in Kenya.
While we were there the Cake Lady arrived with the day's confections .....Yum Yum .....I di have a piece of the most heavenly carrot cake ..........we walked there and back so it's ok ........x

This last photo was part of an art series which we found in an underpass........interesting collages.......x


  1. Nummmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such pretty confections.
    Love that you walked off the "guilt" of eating some. LOL I bet you go back there, it is for charity as you said!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Something about the mighty oak king. We are lucky to have a couple really big ones in our yards and they are just so strength giving.

    Yum Yum Yum, those cakes...hope your walk was a long one. I would need a run after that!

    Glad you are enjoying your holiday.


  3. Well the extra bit of oak tree makes the picture so more interesting.....and carrot cake is one of my favourites too.....glad your enjoying your holiday. Nige has booked us a holiday in cornwall next month...whoop xx

  4. Cake,cake, glorious cake!! I love these beauties. I bet you ate every crumb. Yes and GUILT-FREE...all that fresh air and exercise.


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