Saturday, 10 April 2010

Self Portrait mural by Yr 9 Class

These were some of the self portraits done by my Yr 9 class last year for a mural we have hanging at school ..I showed them Susan Sorrell's work as an inspiration for the stitching. We also looked at Picasso portraits and pop art so that I tried to encourage them to use different colours and lots of stitches on their work. Lynn's post on Getting my Feet Wet this morning reminded me about these portraits ....They first drew themselves using mirrors then when they were happy with their portrait we photocopied the drawing and they painted it using heat transfer paint I then printed them onto fabric and away they went with the stitching......I was really pleased with the results as sometimes as you can imagine 14 yr old boys are not always the keenest stitchers !!! although secretly ! know they enjoy it.....x


  1. These are really quite wonderful! 14 year olds? Boys too? Great!

  2. Sometimes the boys are more open to this kind of thing than the girls...these are marvelous. I did a collage event at a library fundraiser for a friend and the 11 year old boys spent more time playing that all the girls who came through. They really got into it! What a fun assignment you created, it's clear they truly enjoyed it.



  3. These are wonderful. I'm so impressed with how you involve 14 year old boys. They are the hardest for me to work with. How do you draw them into the process?

  4. Thanks for your kind words......I was really pleased with the results of this project we have done a different mural project this year about school subjects I will post up some pics of that when I get back to school...xx

  5. Well you have some ready to be artist here not sure even i could do this!! Regarding my friend her sister organised it....they went to the pub and after half an hour i walked in....her face was a picture xx

  6. Wonderful work the kids did, and YOU in guiding them! Fun that we are both thinking of Susan today!


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