Sunday, 4 April 2010

It's growing on me .

Have been working on Tree of Life I THINK it's improving with the green I've added ...........Made a 'fabric' out of cut bits of wool and covered it in organza then cut out leaf shapes ....went over the writing with a lime green and added tendrils ....still missing something though .....If you have any ideas please feel free to comment .........x


  1. I think its wonderful Lorna and really cannot see what else could be added apart from maybe some beads! love it tho.

  2. Looking great! If it was mine, on paper, I would scrbble around the leaves/trunk with a watercolor crayon & smudge & wet a little, to create a bit of a shadow to 'lift' that part....I think. You know how we're meant to use complimentry colors in shading...? It may give it a bit of depth - you're the art teacher!! :) Try it on something else first!!

    But, yes, it is wonderful!

  3. No fiber artist I, but it looks great. Like the addition of the green and the writing stands out so much better, beads or maybe a pop of red, you know I like bold. Yes, by the way, I do post those envelopes, want one?

  4. Hi Jennie yes beads might do it add a bit of texture

    Emma i think I know what you mean ... putting in a bit of tone could lift it a bit ......its hard to be subjective with your own work I can always see what other peoples work needs ....

    and Corrine I would LOVE one of your envelopes I'll swap you a postcard for one
    thanks for input folks ...xx

  5. Hi, wow how it has changed its looking fantastic much improved with the green and like the others I think it needs a bit of depth but have no idea how you will do that ju x

  6. Thanks Ju I'm going to try a combination of beading and tone using red and see what happens ...trouble is you have to know when to stop.....xx

  7. Maybe some gold threads in the laces....?

  8. He,he, Lorna!!What else would I suggest other than BEADS!!!
    Having a GIVEAWAY on my BLOG, if you want to have a go!!Black background, with white beads.Hmm....

  9. Hey Lorna, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment - great to hear from you! It's been a year since your students did those postcards for our bushfire kids, but I haven't forgotten. And now you've got them doing ATCs - they are great!
    I've just read through your blog (yep, right back to the beginning) and wow, it jumps out of the screen! You use colours to the max!! You must find my blog boring in comparison - I'm ultra conservative (except for my jokes, lol)!

  10. gosh - it looks so much brighter with all the new work you have done to it! nice job

  11. Hi Gina great to hear from you .....keep those outrageous e mails coming I love them ...x

    Thanks Anne i have worked on it even more now will post up tomorrow or soon anyhow ...x


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