Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Thank you Connie Rose and Tattoo inspired stitching

Some dye samples done today after being inspired by Constance Rose Progressive Textiles ....I used dye and brusho powders ......( Not anything like Constance Rose's work but I'll keep trying !!!)...
Thought I'd include some Yr 9 cushion projects ( 14 yr olds)based on tattoos and Day of the Dead sugar skulls ........the GCSE Textile exam has been going on over the last two days so will show you some final pieces tomorrow


  1. Love the dying Lorna and the creavtiveness of these youngsters is just the Anchor.

  2. hi Jennie yes they are great aren't they ...they drew lots of tattoos first then developed the ideas the design will be a strip across the dyeing is not so great though I am just a novice ...he he ...x

  3. The fabrics are great, Lorna, and thanks for the mention!

  4. The fabrics have this soft watercolor quality. Nice.....your students are really something, you must be a pretty darn good teacher too! Brilliant work...


  5. Fun stuff here today...Enjoy the weekend coming up too.

  6. Connie Corrine and Lynn....thank you for the inspiration Connie and thenks for comments ...xx


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