Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snowme and still no boiler......BRRRR.........

As you can see from our resident Gnome... Snow has hit us and we have a day off school.....YAY for snow!!!..........

A hairy Gnome called Stitch............

YIKES a snow Troll......OH it's me !!!.......

A handsome Yeti called Jim.........(Don't look so smug only 2 days before you're 40...he he !!!!)

Come and sit round the fire with us and look at some work done by me and some of my pupils ..........
Some icy Titanic postcards made by my Yr 4 class (8yr olds)........

Some of my work........

Hope you enjoyed ....stay warm wherever you are ........xx


  1. I love your student's work, and yours, too! It looks very chilly there. I love it when they call off school! lol! Enjoy and try and keep warm - xox Pam

  2. glad you are back! thanks so much for your comment on my blog.......
    your students do such amazing work- and your is so beautiful - how did your show go??!! (sorry if you already blogged about it......have been off and on the bloggy train lately)
    beautiful snow here too

  3. The Titanic postcards are terrific. Hope you get warm soon.

  4. Hi Lorna, your fire looks lovely and cozy, and the snowtroll pic made me laugh, great titanic work its great to see the young folks art, your of course as well take care in the snow from a snowy cornwall ju x

  5. Happy Birthday to Jim! I hope you get your heater fixed soon. Everyone is blaming us for bring our Alaskan weather to Arizona last week but it's supposed to reach record highs this week. Meanwhile after rain last week in Alaska it went to frigid subzero temperatures so I'm glad we got out of there just in time.
    There's something so pretty about snow as long as you're warm and cozy inside!
    It's nice to see your work all framed up and those Titanic postcards are precious!
    xoxo Kim

  6. I cannot believe how much snow you are all getting over there, we haven't had a flake. Stay warm. xox Corrine

  7. You look ready for the season. :)))

  8. All beautiful, Lorna. Enjoy the snow, if you can!

  9. Thanks everyone ....yes we are having an amazing amount of snow especially for this time of is out again today .....Hooray.....a bonus ..xx

  10. lovely work, my boys can't believe there's snow everywhere but here!

    Got your fab atc up in lights on my latest post ;)


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