Monday, 20 December 2010

Knitted Nativity........

More random pics I am trying to post a blog or is it blog a post ...well either way ....every day until Christmas ....this nativity is entirely knitted it's my MIL's and it's so cool .....I love knitted toys they have such an old school charm .....mmm maybe I'll post pics of my other knitted toys ..... here goes

Hindu Gods and Goddesses seem to be figuring in my work at the moment.......


  1. Such great stuffie goodness. Just walked the big beast in the snow, love walking in the snow! xox Corrine

  2. Just don't go bloating any pogs and you'll be fine! Cute little knitties you have and I'm always attracted to the your Hindu gods and goddesses that you've been working with.
    xoxo Kim

  3. I love your nativity! I've never seen one like that. I couldn't knit my way out of a paper bag - lol! Merry, merry to you! xox Pam

  4. What a lovely nativity scene. Knitted toys are so timeless. Thanks for sharing these pics.

  5. Corrine yes we had a long walk with both hairies today it was fun but I do worry that their feet get too cold ....xx
    kim I am always bloating my pogs and it isn't half painful !!.......xx
    Pam i love knitted toys but wouldn't attempt to knit one either ........xx
    Dian yes they are timeless and have such character ......xx


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