Thursday, 9 December 2010

Knickerbocker can't beat it ....

Jim took his girls out for tea tonight to Christina's an old school open all day cafe and had double egg and chips and jam roly poly and custard ......Ruby had a knickerbocker glory was THE BEST ...thanks're the BEST too.....xx


  1. Its the simple things in lfe that are the best........nothing could have tasted so good today .....x

  2. The whole thing sounds glorious. What a way to treat the girls Jim, way to go! xox Corrine

  3. Oh this looks sooo Good!!
    when I lived in England I had heard of the Knickerbocker Glory but never had a chance to try one! My favorite was Sticky Toffee Pudding and also Trifles!! YUMMY!!!

    Have a Great Day...hope you all are
    staying warm there!

    Warm Hugs,


  4. Happy Birthday to Jim!
    just catching up on your posts.
    My Christmas cards are of hearts this year.
    not in the mood for a crazy Christmas....want quiet and simple.
    great pics, fun to see.

  5. yes yes yes please I could eat 2 of those lol ju x

  6. That looks like a sundae or a parfait. Yummy. I haven't had breakfast yet so that looks especially good.

  7. Corrine yes he always treats us well .bless him ...xx
    Susan thats a shame you didn't get chance to try on e.the one in Christina's is especially good ...if you are ever in Southampton....xx
    Thanks Jill yes Christmas should be simple is all about love .....xx
    Ju i think you've probably had enough after eating all those reindeer treats !!!....xx
    Lisa I wish I could send you one but alas it may be melted by the time it gets to you ...xx

  8. I don't know exactly what this is but it looks quite decadent. and delicious!

  9. Jan this is a delight starts with cream with a flake and cherries on the top ..then dig down to strawberry and vanilla ice cream then a layer of raspberry sauce then more ice cream then a large layer of tinned fruit .........mmmmmmmm....xx


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