Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Doves of Peace.....

I am very proud of them as all 25 of them can now sew on a button securely ...Job's a good'un .....I hope this will stand them in good stead when they grow up ....

A very tasteful Christmas tree in Winchester

Watch out for the Lion !!!..........

Doves made by a Yr 5 class ( 9Yr olds)yesterday.........and some African animals drawn by Yr 3 class........Thank you for all your lovely supportive comments on my post yesterday I am lucky to have such lovely blogging friends .....xx


  1. I was just writing about friends too, lucky to have made on in you. Your kids never fail to amaze, wonderful freedom and creativity. Must have something to do with the teacher? xox Corrine

  2. very very fun! I love all of your art!

  3. Lovely doves, great job satisfaction, but I'm sure you deserve the holidays! Did you see my little Dove of Peace? x

  4. what a great way to have fun yet teach something! you must be an amazing teacher
    sorry I didn't comment on your last post.......tried a few times but the subject is still a bit too raw for me
    am going back to US in a couple of days......
    have a wonderful holiday season!

  5. These are adorable. I really am drawn to the lion one. NO pun intended. LOL


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