Sunday, 12 December 2010

Meet Gentle Ellen..........

Gentle Ellen arrived today all the way from Pam of yoborobo visit her blog it's fun........Augustus is quite smitten he has just got over his romance (albeit short lived afternoon )with the one eyed Welsh mermaid ( actually she was a Jinn )She was suuposed to come and live with us but it didn't work out .....alas .........but just as well now as Gentle Ellen seems to be a more suitable companion for him.........Thanks Pam ....xx


  1. I love Pam and her work. I am sure that Gentle Ellen has a wonderful new home. Congratulations.

  2. Oh, she looks like she has found true love, Lorna! :)) I hope it works out for them. Your house must be one of the most creative places on Earth, I think! xox!

  3. Jan yes i love Pam's
    work too and was lucky enough to win Gentle Ellen ....xx
    Pam I hope they will be happy Augustus was getting a bit lonely house is the MESSIEST places on Earth and i hope a creative one too ....xx

  4. I think a long engagement, followed by a wedding would be cool. :))

  5. Gentle Ellen seems to be looking at Augustus with moonpie eyes. I think she is smitten too! So glad Augustus has a companion. xox Corrine

  6. My first impression on this, I thought it's a voodoo doll but it's not it's damn lovely dolls! And my fave is Lurline and Lou Anne! Good job, dear! =)


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