Saturday, 18 December 2010

Lakshmi...Georgie.....Snow ....and Reindeer biscuit



Snow ...view from my bedroom window this morning........

View from my front window this morning ....yes it's true It has been snowing overnight .....

This cute reindeer biscuit was part of our staff nibbles yesterday....didn't have the heart to eat him though..........xx


  1. Love the Lakshmi nice warm colours in this cold snow.

  2. Thanks Jennie .i guess you've had snow too ...xx

  3. The snow looks wonderful, but living through it is another matter.Have been hearing about all the bad weather over your way.We are cool here, and it's raining.I'm in my sewing room...what could be nicer. Listening to fav music.

  4. All wonderful, Lorna. Happy Holidays!

  5. I cannot believe the cat sitting in the snow!
    Ours goes out in the rain, but snow??? Ohmigod.

  6. So much snow for you all, it does look lovely though, so much a part of the season. Not but a few flakes for us, although this week maybe some. I love a white Christmas. Love ATC as always, rich colors my friend. Speaking of biscuits, the doggie kind, I will send you a recipe
    that is dead easy. xoxCorrine

  7. I love the Lakshmi - gorgeous! We've had a little bit of snow here, and more is expected this week. You should eat that cookie - it looks yummy! lol! xox Pam

  8. Lovely snow & warm colors. We have none left on our trees now but icy snow on the ground - perfect for snowball fights & snowboarding (for the boys!)

    Love that 'curtained' window a couple of posts down.

  9. Georgie loves the snow. :))) Okay, does not love the snow. Poor baby. I would love a cookie like that one and I would even eat it. LOL

  10. Ha ha, I thought the reindeer was a day of the dead cookie at first!
    And how did I miss this post? I get kind of nostalgic for the snow but really enjoying iced tea on the patio in bare feet too and walking everywhere.
    Love the Lakshmi!
    I have my agents in China and India right now scouting for ephemera and cool stuff. (My brother and my son's girlfriend)
    So nice to see you here lots again!
    xoxo Kim


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