Saturday, 4 December 2010

Birfday Boy ..Big Jim 40..........

40 yrs old today .....Happy Birthday to you .....(and still no boiler thank goodness for bobble hats and old fashioned Pin the Tail on the Donkey games )
videoRuby Playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey .........
Jim with his new mandolin ..Go Jim ....enjoy your day ....xx


  1. Happy Birthday to Jim, and have a lovely weekend, you two!

  2. Happy Birthday Jim. The mandolin is quite grand. No Boiler-ouch...but it looks like a good day all round. xox Corrine

  3. Big Jim says 'thank you for your good wishes '......xx

  4. Hi Lorna and Jim! Brrr- been hearing how C-c-c-c COLD it is where you are!!No Boiler.Brrr.
    Hope your birthday was a happy one Jim.

  5. The big 40 hey....well happy birthday the big 50 next year!!! Hope you get your boiler soon if not at least its warmed up a little xx

  6. Happy Birthday to you!! Looks as though you are having fun, stay warm!! Beautiful mandolin. I have an old Dobro Mandolin that was my grandfathers, maybe someday I will learn how to play it. It's LOUD!

  7. Happy Birthday wishes to your Hubby. I hope that you soon get your heating sorted out.


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