Friday, 10 December 2010

I love Cerys Matthews..I love my Wales

Cerys Matthews-- Bachgen Bach O Dincar

Had to put this up as she is singing about the knickerbocker line.......had to follow yesterday's post ...I Love Wales.....xx
Try singing it yourself are the words ....

Bachgen Bach o Dincer

Bachgen bach o dincer
Yn myned hyd y wlad,
Cario'i dwls yn dacle',
'neud ei waith yn rhad;
Yn ei law 'roedd haearn,
Ac ar ei gefn 'roedd bocs,
Pwt o getyn yn ei geg
A than ei drwyn 'roedd locs.

Potsiar peipar twigar owns agen
The potsiar o the peipar
O the knickerbocker line.
La di da di da di
Hock it on the chen,
The potsiar o ddy peipar
O ddy knickerbocker line.

Holi hwn ac arall
Ple'r aeth y tincer mwyn,
Gyda'i becyn ar ei gefn,
A chetyn dan ei drwyn.
Bachgen bach o dincer
Ni welir yn y wlad;
Mae'n golled ar ei ôl
I 'neud ei waith yn rhad.


  1. I think you need to be Welsh my friend, the sounds don't come out so easily, but I see why you like her. Why not post a video of you and Jim singing it. xox Corrine

  2. I'll see if Jim is up for it ..being English an all ........he he ......xx

  3. I enjoyed that! quite the tongue twister.

  4. Jan I'm pleased you tried to sing it ......xx

  5. I wouldn't even begin to try and sing it, but I loved listening to it. It almost sounds like Hebrew. :) xox! Pam


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