Monday, 25 October 2010

Some work ....a different walk ...the same hoodie....

We are on half term this week .....much needed breather Kim!!!....I finished another fabric collage today and I'm thinking I may open an Etsy shop ......mmmmm not sure what's everyone else's experience???....we also went on another walk ...Lovely day, clear blue sky ...we walked over the down where they have some Highland cattle keeping down the undergrowth......Gracie wasn't overkeen but Stitch thought they were his long lost cousins......we then walked along the River Itchen ..beautiful photo opportunities but I only have my phone camera but I think they capture the moment.....I have the same hoodie on ...sorry it's my favourite one at the moment ..its a great colour though ........x

No this Highland cow did not have a tree growing out of her back end !!!

Can you see why Stitch thought he might have met his long lost cousins when he saw the Highland cattle ......

Lovely by the river we are so lucky to have the river so close .....

Me posing ......Hope you enjoyed our river walk today I know the dogs did .....maybe the beach tomorrow ...will also change my Hoodie .......Enjoy wherever you are.....x


  1. HI Lorna - I really like this new piece, lovely golden warming feel to it.
    Your photos are fab and the light is like our afternoon light, though not today. Funnily enough we have two highland cattle on the farm around the bend from us, positively prehistoric aren't they. xox Corrine

  2. Thanks Corrine ....Yes I am enjoying collaging fabric at the moment.....the Highland cattle are so docile ...x
    Thank you Connie Rose .....x

  3. Just lovely! Etsy is on my list, depends how well I do at the 4 local craft fairs next month! I'd ask Jill at Third Age Musings (my blog roll) - she just set one up.

  4. I like the hoodie too. :)) As for the Etsy advice well, you can always try. I would buy from you. :)) I sold three prints there before I simply gave up. I have known other people that have gone on to sell a lot so there is really no way to know for sure unless you try. The fees are reasonable and affordable and it is more a factor of directing people there than anything. Your stuff is amazing so that wouldn't be a problem. Etsy is really easy to use too. I say go for it!

  5. Lovely walk, thanks for sharing it! The photos are great, I love reflections.

  6. Wow, lovely collage Lorna. Orange and blue ...a wonderfull combination.....
    Lovely pictures of the wood too.

    cheers, Janny

  7. Oh lovely photos.... was there any chance you went to antiques roadshow in Brighton? as there was a lady who looked just like you with a shocking pink top on... she was holding her hands to her ears as one student wanted to demonstrate his second world war siren...if its not you then you have a double lol.
    I loved the photos thankyou for visiting my blogx

  8. great textile collage and I love that hoodie..want one! thanks for visiting my blog today

  9. No faith I wasn't at the antiques roadshow in Brighton ....mmmm I usually wear shocking pink too ....x
    Emma and Lisa yes I think I am going for it..x
    Lyn I love reflections too .magical ...x
    Janny yes I love orange and blue together ....x
    Lorraine thanks I am getting into fabric collages.....Yes its my favourite Hoodie at the mo ...x

  10. fun walk, beautiful art. don't worry about the hoddie, if you wear it again, we will know it's you !
    I opened my Etsy store with 4 pumpkins. had lots of people look but no buys. I actually have sold more pumpkins to friends and co-workers. But I will come up with something else to sell. On my blog the followers, JC and Collett both have -and a few others - their Etsy store feeding on their blog page.
    thanks for stopping by my blog.

  11. Just stopped by for a visit Lorna! Looks as if you are keeping busy. I adore the fabric collage here.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous artwork, Lorna!

    I'm sitting here looking at my copy of Janet Marsh's Nature Diary - and she writes about the River Itchen. The diary is full of her beautiful illustrations of the plant, insect and animal life in the Upper Itchen Valley...

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.

  13. Walking near water is always the best! Thanks for taking us along. I love the piece at the top of the page. It has a rich Byzantine feel to it.

  14. Lovely piece of work. Orange and Blue just bounce off each other don't they? I love ArtPropelled's comment..... now I have read it, that piece of work really does have a Byzantine feel.................

  15. Jill thanks for the advice ....I think I may try it out haven't got anything to lose ....I just thought I have loads of work for my exhibition which won't all sell so could put that on there...x
    Lorraine thanks I am enjoying the fabric collages they are fun to do ...x
    Conni thats a lovely book and the Itchen is a lovely river....x
    Robyn thank you yes I guess it does have that feel Im glad it looks nice and rich colourwise that is.....x
    Cathy or is it now Heidi ...he he .....thanks yes I love orange and blue maybe my hoodie is inspiring this ......x


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