Sunday, 31 October 2010

Haunting Halloween.........

We strolled through Southampton Old Cemetery yesterday and took some photos of the graves .....there seems to be some ghostly ghoulish goings on with the images though......xx


  1. I love what you've done with these photos, Lorna!

  2. Oh so spooky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the letter B. Wonder if that was someone's name?
    You created a fantastic mood here!

  3. Great photo's, I love what you've done with them. Happy Halloween!

  4. Marvelous stones to view, thanks for the haunted tour. Enjoy the day. xox Corrine

  5. Fun shots, they appear to be haunted!

  6. superbe les photos...une vraie ressemblance avec la broderie..

  7. Connie Rose thank you photoshop is genius isn't it?....x
    Lyn i liked the letter B too there were quite a few initials there ....i hadn't seen that before....x
    thanks Jan yes I wondered if I might print them onto fabric and stitch them ...x
    Corrine yes thanks for the link to the guitar..x
    Jan yes I had fun with them ....x
    Elfi merci ...yes they are like embroideries..x

  8. These are great, Lorna. Thanks for the cemetery stroll.
    xoxo Kim


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