Friday, 8 October 2010

Me Candace and no sign of Jennie at Ally Pally

Went to Alexandra Palace today with kids from school to the Knitting and stitching show ....very crowded and I spent far too much money..Looked for Jennie wherever I went but alas didn't see her.........saw some great work though.........x


  1. Awww too bad, oh well. Looks like some super stuff, all across the board work. Candace looks relaxed and happy. You probably are too!

    xox Corrine

  2. What did you get???? Anything I just couldn't live without? I am there on Sunday!!! ;0)

  3. Sharne i spent far too much I bought 3 books even though I have enough embroidery books to start a libraray !!! and I bought the decorative lengths off 2 saris so fits in with my recycling theme for my exhibition Im trying to use recycled fabric and frames .....have fun there is so much to see....xx
    Madeline the photos don't do the work justice there was some FABULOUS work there........xx

  4. hey Lorna, I'm glad Candace is getting such a cultured trip with you. I've got to catch up with posting about her. Still a a little frazzled from travel, myself and my dial-up's not even working now :(
    xoxo Kim

  5. I didnt go in the end and was sorry not to see all the art work!
    Thank you for sharing your pictures, wonderful work.
    M x

  6. thanks for the photos - am SO annoyed I missed it this year!
    looking forward to seeing more of your work for your show

  7. Do you join in on Knit the City? Here's an article about it:

    the tiny animals are so cute.

  8. So mad i missed your Lorna....maybe we were just looking to hard...such a shame i didnt look at my email in the morning for your number xx


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