Friday, 22 October 2010

Fly Safely Candace..

Just had to put in this photo of Candace and a little friend she met in the Textile room....they just had to try on part of the carnival costume that we made with help from an artist who makes costumes for the Notting Hill Carnival. This one was made a few years ago but is still a feature in my room.....x


  1. Augustus must be missing her terribly already. Fab costume, going to model it? xox Corrine

  2. now that is a costume! and love Candace's new glasses! such a hoot!!

  3. Those pictures are great, Lorna! I think she had a top notch time with you guys.
    xoxo Kim

  4. Lorna, if I had a great Art Room like that to teach in, I don't think I'd ever go home!!Those wings are stunning- what a stimulating room.

  5. What wings! Your exhibition looks just great, 3 pieces already, you must/should be so proud!

  6. That middle photo is glorious! Great to catch up with your blog and read about your exhibition. Congratulations on selling your work!!!!!!

  7. Corrine the costume was much bigger than that I had to saw off bits to have it displayed in my classroom its a wonderful bit of construction ...he was a talented artist and my pupils had a blast making the costumes..xx
    Cat she arrived with the glasses she doesn't always need them but she wore them in my class as she thought it gave her the air of the school marm ...xx
    Kim yes I loved her little head poking above the costume ..I think it suited her ...xx
    Judy yes I am lucky its a very big room high ceilings and lots of room ...that is until I filled it with fabrics and ribbons and sewing machines and .......xx

  8. Emma yes I am landed to have sold some pieces they are the first textile work I have ever sold ...xx
    Thanks Cathy I am pleased I managed it was touch and go for a bit when I thought I didn't have enough pieces but it worked out after ....xx


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