Thursday, 28 October 2010

Another walk.........

Yesterday we went to Romsey ....well I went into Romsey and Jim and Ruby went to Romsey rapids ....I guessed that the swimming pool might just be too splashy for my liking in half term ....and I was right ....After trawling the charity shops (I got an embroidery book by Julia Caprara and an alphabet stamp set and a gothic black cross from the Oxfam shop ) I had a wander round Romsey Abbey and took some 'arty ' shots with my phone camera ...must get myself a decent camera ....there were some great gargoyles but I didn't have a zoom on my phone ......x
The history bit ...not my words ....
It was originally built during the 10th century, as a Benedictine foundation. The surviving church is the town's outstanding feature and this is all the more remarkable because the abbey, as a nunnery, would have been less well financially endowed than other religious establishments of the time.
The religious community was originally established at "Rum's Eg", strictly "the area of Rum surrounded by marshes" in 907 AD by nuns led by Elflaeda daughter of King Edward The Elder, who was son of King Alfred The Great. Later, King Edgar refounded the nunnery, in circa 960 AD, as a Benedictine house under the rule of St. Ethelflaeda who was sanctified for such acts as the chanting of psalms late at night, whilst standing naked in the freezing water of the nearby River Test.
The religious community continued to grow and a village grew around it to keep it supplied with produce. Both suffered in 993 AD when Viking raiders sacked the village and burnt down the original church. However, the abbey was rebuilt in stone in circa 1000 AD.


  1. Very interesting. Lucky you to be so close to all of that history. The stone is aged to perfection. Love the faces, too. I have a huge portfolio of photographed faces that I will do something with eventually.

    Chanting, buck naked, in the cold water of the River Test would make more than my devotion swell. eh?

  2. Thanks for the tour and the history lesson. Such beautiful churches you have everywhere there. Too splashy for me too, and cold now for a swim. Rummaging for vintage sounds like a better idea. xox Corrine

  3. Chanting naked - now they knew how to live and celebrate the spiritual. LOL I love the photos.

  4. Nice walk. Love the faces and all the photos. sorry to about your father's dog.
    My daughter Eva had a good time feeding your fish.


  5. Madeline I love the faces too and we are lucky to be near such history we do take it for granted I think ....x
    Corrine yes I think Jim pulled the short straw it was so busy being half term ....x
    lisa yes thats the first I had heard of that ...extraordinary...x
    Jill pleased your daughter liked feeding my fish they needed a bit of attention ...thanks about Ginny its so hard to lose a dog they are such a part of the family .....x


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