Saturday, 19 June 2010

What's on your mantlepiece???.......

Just sitting catching up with my blogs ...busy week at school has got in my way of blogging ....very inconvenient!! So i'm drinking my coffee and thinking 'what shall I post about today?' when I glanced at my mantlepiece..... the morning light on it was lovely so Eureka !!! ....What's on your mantlepiece??......( Blimey it needs a dusting!! )xx
Thanks to Kirafor giving me a blog award i'm not going to pass it on in a conventional way as I have too many favourite blogs but I am going to pass it on in my own way watch this space ....xx


  1. Awesome! Lorna.
    I don't have a mantelpiece but every available surface in our home has a collection of some sort. Dave has his "Man room" museum too.
    Will post some pics when I get back home after the weekend.
    I'm spending the night in Candace's company under the midnight sun.
    xoxo Kim

  2. What a riot of colour. I am sure that there must be many happy memories associated with your collection.

  3. Thanks Lorna for visiting my sewing room, your mantelpiece looks great, all these things I would bet that everything has its own history.

  4. Wow, some very interesting creatures there. No real mantle piece for me, but I have lots of rocks, birds nests and crooked branches about the house. A book case with some arty bits, maybe I will photo that and post it too! xox Corrine

  5. Im loving your Mantlepiece Lorna so full of colour, things from the past, photos and little bits to catch your eye....i do have a mantlepiece but it is nothing like wont be's lovely ATC arrived and all the lovely little bits she included to...will post on my blog later....oh and thanks for wonderful Dorothy xx

  6. Cool collection, Lorna. How often do you dust it?!

  7. Your mantel piece is a work of art in its own right. It holds so much loveliness and inspiration; the visual footprints of your life--

    Are the little cartoon characters gifts from your students?

  8. Kim looking forward to seeing those pics especially the 'man' museum ...give Candace a hug from me ....xx
    Heloisex....yes I love collecting bits and bobs and I love to group things together so it's busy.....xx
    Anni thanks for visiting my mantlepiece I used to collect bigger things but my house is now full and i have to collect smaller things now...xx
    Corrine please post pics i love being nosy !!...xx
    Jennie pleased they arrived she is busy making more at the moment ...xx
    Connie I am not going to answer that one .....people may be shocked on how little dusting I do .........xx
    Hannah I love that have a lovely way with words i so enjoyed your post they are not from my students but some are from my children or rather when they were younger.......xx

  9. Wow, what a gorgeous mantelpiece: my beloved husband is a real "neat freak" so such a collection would be unbearable for him. I do have lots of things in my sewing room that give me inspiration and the gorgeous view from my kitchen window will always supply me with ideas - drizzling rain this morning with lorikeets waiting for some seed. I will post some pics on my blog later today.

  10. Dian can't wait to see the lorikeets ....yes my collections are not for the faint hearted or the 'neat freaks' Jim and my children find it difficult sometimes but they are patient with me and i am trying to curb my collecting.....xx

  11. i love your colorful amntel , i dont have one , i miss having a mantle..


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