Sunday, 13 June 2010

Ruby's ATCs and Singing Sophie in Sherborne ...oh and a Sombrero...

Ruby would like to know if anyone would like to swap ATCs with her. She has made 5 for swaps camera has run out of battery though and my phone has started taking strange coloured photos any ideas why ????so will post pics of actual cards when all equipment playing ball again ............She is just too cute in the hat and clip on earrings that we got from the jumble sale ...

Ruby being creative ....

Drove a 150 mile round trip to watch and listen to Sophie singing in Sherborne Abbey last night . The group were singing Rachmaninov's Vespers by candlelight(all in Russian too ...)It was quite amazing in such a beautiful setting..... Ruby came with me ...........although I'm sure it wasn't her chosen music style she was really good and listened for over an hour ...well done that girl or girls should I say....the sat nav took me a strange way home through the heart of Dorset lots of narrow country roads ........quite picturesque in the day I guess but not ideal at 12 O' clock at night......sorry my camera's battery was exhausted when I went to take some pics of the event ...story of my life ....had to use my phone had the cheap seats as you can tell!!!.........

Augustus or Artoogus as Ruby calls him......sporting a fine sombrero that we got at the jumble sale .....


  1. Now that was a long trip Lorna but bet it was worth every moment of it and what a grand photo of Sophie and Ruby x

  2. Of course I would LOVE to trade an ATC with Miss Sophie. Does she want five from one person or one from each of five people?
    Let me know and let me know where to send mine please.

  3. Thanks jennie yes it was a bit rash and the journey home was a bit hairy luckily Ruby slept all the way ....xx
    Thats great Lynn I think she was going to do a 1 to 1 I have emailed you so will be so pleased she sees the cards I get and wanted to swap too ....xx

  4. Oh dear Lorna i forgot to say i would do a swap with Ruby xx

  5. wow- that must have sounded so beautiful!!

  6. Jennie thanks she is going to be so pleased...xx
    Anne yes it was really atmospheric..I don't get to hear her sing very often as most of her singing is in London and on tour to other countries and I don't do London very well ....xx

  7. If her cards haven't already been snapped up I would love to swap with Ruby,

  8. Carol thats sweet of you if you email me at artymess (at) yahoo (dot)com I will organise it with you Thanks ....xx

  9. daughter has her own blog...she's nine years old...and she might be interested in swaping a card with you!

    i'll ask her when she's back home from school

    and hello MOM!
    i came by way of a comment you left on La Dolce Vita's blog.
    come for a visit ... bring your sketchbook..!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  10. I tried to comment yesterday but my comment got snatched away by the wicked dial-up comment snatcher (WDUCS) but I love Artoogus' sombrero!
    Your box is in the mail today. I had fun packing it!
    The sun is finally out agin!
    xoxo Kim

  11. Hi Lorna, would love to swap with sophie if shes got any left, you made me laugh with the cheap seats lol Sherborne is a beatiful place stopped off there on the way to collect Artie, I would have been in tears listening to the singing in russian it must have been beautiful Have a fun day ju x

  12. Kim you're so organised i haven't sorted yours out yet although I have made the hectic at school at the mo sorting exam stuff out's getting in the way of fun and play ....that's not right.......xx
    Ju she has got 5 to swap but I'm sure she would love to make more email me on artymess(at)yahoo(dot) com and i'll send our address ....yes Sherbourne is very lovely but very Posh.....expensive seats were £28 cheap seats £8 contest !!.....xx

  13. hi Lorna...

    Sarah is excited to begin her ATC's.
    so...are we making two to swap, just one?
    what do you think?

    five? let me know!
    nice to have met you both...and
    ruby..when you get your blog up and running you'll have to connect with my daughter and follow eachother!
    ciao bella!
    creative carmelina....

  14. Glad Ruby is getting into the family act or should I say ATC. If she needs another swapper, I am in! Wish I could have heard Sophie singing, sounds lovely. Argootus spendid in sombrero, missed catching up! xox Corrine

  15. You must be so proud - I'd have certainly shed a tear or 2 as well. (I have to wipe them away before the boys see them or all I hear is oh, muuum!

    The link thing, look, if you have time, at my most recent followers. Fenland Studio enables you to get to her blog via the link, but Siztats doesn't, so I can't visit, unless I'm being completely stupid, let me know if I am, please!

  16. Carmelina ruby is so excited to swap with Sarah too ......xx
    Emma I get what you mean now but whenever i opt to follow a blog there is never anywhere to put a link ....strange !!!......xx
    Corrine good to have you back I've missed you ....xx

  17. Ruby is adorable! The light in the church is beautiful---such a soft golden glow. Your postings are always so full and fun.

  18. Thanks Madeline I have posted your card so shouldn't be too long till you get it.......xx

  19. :D looks like Ruby's got quite a few people to swap with! From what I can see of her cards, it looks like she inherited your artistic skills :)

    Anyhoo, I've nominated you for a fun little blog award, The Sunshine Award, because your art brings a little sunshine to my life! If you'd like to pass it on, details are on my blog. Have a lovely weekend, Lorna!

  20. Oh thank you Kira ...thats kind of you to do that.....I love seeing your art too ...full of energy and colour .....xx

  21. I'd be very happy to swap - please send me an email to
    hugs from Australia :o)


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