Thursday, 3 June 2010

Augustus has arrived.........

Augustus is here.....( along with amazing goodies......Thanks Kim xx)I am posting some pics of Augustus getting to know us here in the UK.
Stitch always smiles for the camera he's such a show off ........
Don't worry Gracie will protect you ......

Augustus thought he might help Jim write a song ....

Me an Augustus .....Jim is in the process of songwriting in the background.......the song is called 'Dandelions and Daisies' ...look out for it soon......
The Teenies were delighted to meet Augustus ...they all have the silliest grins on their faces
and were jumping up and down with excitement was difficult to get them to keep still for the photo.......x


  1. This is the cutest post...just had me smiling all over...and I love seeing the art on the walls and covers/pillows? in the background!

  2. What a vibrant, exciting home and family! Augustus will enjoy a very rich life with all of you. I'm soon to publish a post about something lovely that arrived from Kim, as well.

  3. New addition member for the Teenies.

  4. What a great little character Augustus is!!I can see him getting up to all sorts of adventures!Is he going to keep a little diary!!
    What fun!!

  5. Lorna you have got to tell Augustus travelling the world and how did you get have posted some great photos....cant wait to see what else he gets up too xx

  6. Thanks everyone sorry bit late again answering....on half term so things going on ..
    jennie I won Augustus ...He's all mine ....he he .....Candace his sister is doing the travelling she is coming here on her travels we haven't told Candace that Augustus is here its going to be a big surprise for her ....xx

  7. I love Augustus! So cute!

  8. I'm so glad Augustus made his journey safely and has fit in so well with the family right away. He and Stitch look to be fast friends and with Gracie around, well he is as safe as ever. Is he co-writing songs with Jim now? Missed reading, glad to be back. xox Corrine

  9. Yes Cathy he is cute and such a character ....x
    Corrine I have just got back too we have all been away lots to tell in my posts can't wait to hear your news of SQUAM ...xx


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