Sunday, 20 June 2010

Nearly the Solstice.........

Not long to the Summer Solstice.....wish I was going I have never been to the solstice even though Stonhenge is only about 30 miles away ....maybe next year's the only time they allow people into the stone circle ....when I was a child you could picnic amongst them but now when you visit the stones are protected by a rope circle to stop people touching them ...OUTRAGEOUS .....I am a stone toucher as well as a tree hugger ...still you can touch the stones at Avebury.....xx


  1. Im a stone loller and a tree hugger too! I used to visit the stones and have photos of me lolling all over them ... in the good ol' days

    Your blog is looking really lovely, by the way
    Have a good weekend and solstice. I really noticed last night how light it was at bedtime


  2. oh that would be so lovely! you must go next year and take your camera so we can travel with you. I will have my own little celebration... happy Solstice to you!

  3. Yes, you definitely have to go sometime. I've been to Stonehenge, I think it was pre-roped off days. The idea of being there on the solstice is really exciting!

  4. Wow that is an amazing photo of Stonehenge! It would be amazing to be there - here in Australia we are having Winter solsti - Suzyce and everybody just looks forward to the turn around when the days begin to come lighter again. The awareness and the being in it is what counts.
    Happy Solstice

  5. One of my sons went last night - it looks at though they had an amazing sun rise.

  6. I have never been and really that ought to be rectified!

    Love you mantelpiece, by the way! Love it!!!

  7. I remember as a teenager walking through the stones...but so gutted i didnt take any photos dont even think i had a camera back then....wonderful picture xx

  8. It is the winter solstice here so I went to the beach this early afternoon to take some pics of the early sunset but I was a bit late. The pics are on my blog.

  9. Sorry everyone didn't reply to any of year I will go ...and post the photos too ...Gina did your son take any photos? Dian I have looked at your pics and they are stunning....thanks for comments everyone ...xx


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