Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Posted Postcards.........

Some postcards and an ATC already on their journeys ....It's funny I was making lots of reds and orange cards in Winter and now moved onto the blues in Summer ....my theory must be right then that I go to warmer pallette when I'm cold and cooler pallette ...etc......x


  1. Lovely blues and hearts. Summer colors of the sea and sky. Honey yes and some herbs for the chest!
    I am finally feeling a little better...thanks. xox Corrine

  2. Lovely atc's Lorna....great thinking on the colours...lol

  3. Corrine thanks ....take care of yourself...xx
    Thanks Jennie loving your birday journal it's looking fab ...xx
    Thanks Sue if you want to swap anytime ......xx

  4. How very beautiful, Lorna! Since you change your color palette seasonally, I wonder if you're as affected by the seasons as I am.

  5. I like the way the spotty dotty hearts leap out.... there can NEVER be too much spotty dotty fabric and colour! :O))))

  6. hey - there's mine!! thanks so much for the trade......hope yours arrives soon

  7. Lay Hoon thanks for that....xx
    Lesley all I know is that I could happily hibernate all Winter...I have only just realised that I use different colour palettes....How are you affected?...xx
    Cathy i totally agree with you .....xx
    Anne yes glad you were pleased with it ....xx

  8. Lorna, I like your observation about color and season. I know that I work with color in a way that makes me warmer or cooler according to the season, but sometimes I like to reflect the season--like painting with hot marigold orange in the dense torrid days of August. Have you ever thought of having an on-line show of your postcards? It could be fabulous.

  9. Lovely work. Don't you love working small - instant gratification - and how fun that they are off on their own adventures!

  10. Hi hannah that sounds interesting an online show .....mmmmm.....xx
    Lyric thanks yes I do enjoy working small and sending them off ...........perfect.......xx

  11. Lovely thoughts and gorgeous postcards. Mine was the first one shown and I simply love it! Divine Lorna, thank you. Yours got delayed a wee bit but it'll be crossing the pond soon. xoxo

    Palettes and your blues/reds- that's interesting. I gravitate towards Impressionist colours but when I paint my palette usually is set up with bright Matisse colours. go figure. There's a wild gypsy waiting to burst out from behind those soft pastels.


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