Sunday, 6 June 2010

Pressie from Heloise and Augustus LLewellyn- Jones comes back from Wales

I received this amazing brooch from Heloise I hope this pic shows its amazing sparkliness
along with a bag full of wonderful colourful scraps of fabric look out for new work was a blog givaway that I was so lucky to win thank you Heloise ...xx

On the road again

Yes Augustus and us have arrived back from my beloved Wales....he had such a fab time that he has now taken a welsh double barrelled surname no less !!!!We went to a Rugby match in the capital of Wales....he did his best to sing the Welsh national anthem but it was a bit difficult......we have both decided that we will go to welsh classes to brush up on the language ....he had a ride on a horse and stayed in a caravan in a field ....went to a horse show and even drove the car.........oh and I nearly forgot the most important bit Augustus FELL IN LOVE ....with a pink haired tattooed one eyed mermaid ...
He did have a love rival though (see pics below) but I think Augustus is far more handsome ....we had to leave her though but I am getting in touch with her person so watch this space .....
Meeting Daz
Meeting Comet
He wanted to be one of Bramble's pups
Oh Heck Comet's a big horse....

The love rival ........!!!

COME ON WALES....................!!

Meeting Llew...........

bit of culture in Cardiff........

Back on the farm........( he had to wear his Welsh flag like the supporters)

Having a rest with Daz and Kirsty my niece..........
My Dad, brother (on Comet), Kirsty and me and the dogs of course ....

Jim has finished his song with Augustus's help so check out his blog.... All in Good Time


  1. I didn't realize that Augustus has adopted your Welsh heritage. I will have to pay more attention to Gavin and Stacy and get my accent in order...Love all the dogs and horses...your niece is lovely and Jim's trainers are my favorite color!!! What an adventure indeed, and blossoming romance? xox Corrine

  2. Yes we had a great time .....can't wait to hear about your trip to Squam and news of Candace....xx

  3. Looks like you had a great time!

  4. Yes we did Radka and the weather was good for a change it nearly always rains in wales but thats what makes it so green .....xx

  5. Ah, the lure of pink haired, one eyed, tattooed mermaids........... He's a gonner now...... :O))))))))

    Wonderful post. Loved the "love rival"......

  6. Yup a gonner for sure !!!!........who wouldn't be .....I took a bit of a shine to her myself...xx

  7. Looks as if you all had a great time in Wales. I always used to enjoy going home to the farm I grew up on.

  8. Oh, I'm so glad Augustus (named after my great grandfather) now has a surname, so very lovely and the adventures he's having. It's hard not to get a bit envious of Candace and Augustus meeting such nice folks and having there adventures. Fascinating love interest he has now!
    Augustus's brother is going to have to be named Artemis now. (Arty for short)
    xoxo Kim

  9. Do you still go back to the farm Sue ? my Dad only has a smallholding i would love to live on a big farm but not to rear animals for food being a vegetarian !!!....xx
    Kim I am delighted to hear that Augustus's brother will now be called Artemis ...can we see a pic of him ? I'm sure he can't be as handsome as Augustus ...( he is sitting on my shoulder as we speak still got his welsh flag tied around him ....bless him i do love him so) .....xx

  10. I love to read your posts Lorna so interesting and to see Augustus on his travels is great, and with his welsh flag on hoping to post your atc and gift this week xx

  11. Oh my, oh my, the places you've been, the people you've seen...Augustus is certainly having a grand time in this wonderful parade of life. and the girlfriend is quite the looker,too.

    P.S. Loved the family picture with Dad and the two dogs. Sounds like a great trip for all.xoxo

  12. Thanks Jennie yes I need to send yours too I'm a bit behind this week .....xx
    Paris Maddy yes the girlfriend(to be hopefully) is a looker I have been in touch with her person but I am waiting for a reply ...if she doesn't come here Augustus will be really upset...he has been moping around since we got back....xx


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