Sunday, 9 May 2010

Workroom or Jumble Room........Not for the faint hearted...

After looking at the pics of Emma's desk thought I would share some pics of my workroom ...not sure if I should IS quite shocking......I had just emptied the contents of my schoolbag onto my table ...which didn't help...Now you know why I called myself ArtyMESS......!!

Yesterday we went to the Maltings Festival as Jim was playing there (All in good time )Joss and Ruby made some jewellery


  1. OMG...Lorna!!! I should show Ken that photo of your work room; he thinks mine is a mess! Well, they say that truly creative people are never tidy people, and all the creative people I know bear witness to that statement. I'm not exactly a neat-freak, but I like to be able to find stuff easily, so I tend to have my stuff packed away reasonably neatly. But I admit to being not very creative!

  2. i think it looks like perfect creative chaos!

  3. Oh Lorna, is this realy your workingroom????
    What a mess (sorry)!!!
    Have a great time in it....! haha
    cheers, Janny

  4. Gina yes I am messy what can I say ...yes show Ken then he probably won't nag you about yours anymore ...!!!x
    thank you Caterina yes I work there every day ....x
    Janny sorry to have shocked you ....he he I love my workroom I must admit it looks worse on the photo ......x

  5. Oh wow! I don't feel quite so bad now! Don't think I could cope with that much creativity all at once. I take my hat off to you. Very impressive. Enjoy yourself in there and thanks for making me feel like a tidy person for once!

  6. Hello Lorna, it does look challenging but I expect you can put your hand on anything your'e looking for, unlike me!

    Have a lovely week
    Carolyn x

  7. I completely understand that studio look, I have it myself! Think of all the possibilities you have to choose from. xox

  8. Penny pleased that it made you feel better !!..x
    Carolyn i must confess that I can't always find what I'm looking for but while I'm looking I find something else more interesting!!...x
    Corinne I'm so pleased that someone understands me ......x

  9. You should see my workroom Lorna - I'm not game to post any photos! I have lots of space including an outside studio but everything needs a major tidy up. Usually if my work space is tidy it means I'm not actually doing much - but it's now got to the stage of having to sort things out.

  10. Hi Linda yes it's the same with me's untidy when I'm working ...I always say i need a bigger space but I know however big my space is it will always be messy .....x

  11. It reminds me of a Moroccan tea room in it's magical sumptuous coziness. A laboratory for fiber alchemy. Wonderful!

  12. I couldn't have put it better myself ....xx


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