Monday, 10 May 2010

Some new work.....

This is a fabric Gothic arch that I swapped with was fun to make especially the front door........

Some new ATcs posted on Flickr ready for swapping .......


  1. Hiya Lorna!I see you are on-line too!!Love your Gothic arch.
    Cheers Judyxx

  2. The front door is spectacular. Looking very old with lovely green
    moss? Nice ATC's. Are you off from school soon or not until June?

  3. Hi Judy thanks we must swap soon .....x
    Corrine thanks we are off from 22 July for the six weeks break .....phew will need it by then ...x

  4. Wow, love your textile and colours, really beautiful!

  5. I love the gothic arch. How big is it?

  6. I just love everything you create! Such fun ideas. Thanks for continued inspiration and ideas.

  7. Sorry bit behind with my replies
    Anne good to hear from you in blogland ...xx
    Janny thanks for your lovely comments....xx
    Dian the arch is a little bigger than an ATC about 3" x 3 1/2" approx i have sent it now so not sure exactly.....xx
    Lynn thank you ........xx
    thanks for all your lovely comments I really appreciate them ....xx

  8. la fenêtre gothique ,bonne idée .. les couleurs
    sont très belles..

  9. Merci beaucoup Elfie ...xx


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