Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Elephants,Warhol, Dorinda the Galloping horse and Big Ben....

Had a school trip to London today to visit Tate Modern......I saw some things I liked and a few pieces I didn't understand and some art that was downright disturbing but there were great elephants along the South bank...along with Dorinda the galloping horse...the London eye ....Big Ben...graffiti ...and even met my daughter Sophie....and had a train journey so I could stitch all the way there and back...altogether a perfect day....


This is a picture of me in the morning looking for something to wear from the heap of clothes in my bedroom .....(you've seen my workroom !!!)

Click to see Dorinda and her mates gallop on the South Bank


  1. The art scene in UK certainly seems like a lot more fun than ours here!

  2. Painted horses are so magical..sounds like a fun day.

  3. Thanks for bringing such interesting pieces here for us all to see. It is amazing that art covers such a range of ideas these days. Good I mean.

  4. Connie Yes the elephants were the best bit for me ....very colourful.....x
    Darlene I always mean to do something with my pictures of carousel horses maybe nows the time ....watch this space......x
    Dian you are very welcome i am happy to share my snapshots and snippets here thanks for coming to see them ......x

  5. Love those elephants! Must get down to see them before they disappear.

  6. What a marvelous day. We had a chance to go to the Tate when in London a few years ago now and I completely agree, fantastic and disturbing at the same time. Love the public art. That area is so beautiful that we spent a whole day just walking on the Thames up and over and back again. Can't wait to see what you did on the train! xox

  7. Yes i did lots of Atcs they are so great to stitch small and portable....i made the background fabric the night before then just hand stitched will probably post up tomorrow....Loved your post about your beautiful old man .....xx

  8. what beautiful and inspiring photos! yes, i would love to see something with that lovely carousel photo. or the elephant :) i am so glad i happened upon your blog. you are such an inspiration and i cannot wait to stop by again. thank you!

    best wishes, juliette

  9. I just laughed out loud at you choosing what to wear! i'm behind on reading blogs as I'm working hard on my cards, my birday? (as you asked!)June 24th!

  10. So fun to travel with you to London Lorna. Your daughter is beautiful and the graffiti is inspiring--people put so much energy into their marks. The elephants, well, they are the icing on the cake!

  11. Juliette lovely to meet you thanks for leaving such a kind comment .....I am hatching plans as we speak for the carousel horses........xx
    Emma of course its the 24th I remember now gosh you must be busy i forgot that you will have to make 50 of them ....Yikes....xx
    Hannah Pleased you found them fun ....yes I have 4 beutiful and talented children ( well young adults now)I am blessed.....xx

  12. Beautiful elephants Lorna. A couple of years ago, we saw in Berlin a lot of painted bears, also a lovely project.
    It must be a wonderful day.
    cheers, Janny

  13. Thanks Janny yes it was a great day ....have you got pics of the painted bears ?....xx

  14. I've seen buffalo made like those elephants very elaboratley...Deadwood I think, Rapid City No Dakota...
    Love merrygorounds too.

  15. Hello,
    Lovely picture of you and your daughter.
    I love visiting the London galleries,such a treat.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures, the elephants are brilliant fun.
    M x


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