Sunday, 23 May 2010

Car Booty....booty......

A Handsome Fella...don't you think....

And it works too ....

This is Gracie's favourite pastime in the garden ...digging a MASSIVE hole underneath the wisteria

Went to the Sunday car boot sale thought I'd post two of the treasures I got today ... Indonesian puppet all complete I couldn't believe my luck when I saw him and the second a computerised sewing machine for just a Tenner !!! bargain...... and it works ....Later went to the allotment and planted runner beans and peas then went swimming and later walked the dogs in the cool woods .....what did you do today?


  1. Gracious, you live as fast as you stitch!

    Chased my tail mainly!

  2. Wow, what finds! You will have some fun with that sewing machine, and the puppet, so cool. Gracie reminds me of Blossom who used to
    dig holes so big on the hillside that she fit all 75lbs in and then some.
    I once laid down in one and I fit all 5 foot 3 of me.
    Is it the cool earth? Or maybe the ground squirrels she's after?
    A dog's life, sigh, if only we all could be so brave and free! xox

  3. great treaures!! lets see I planted in the garden all day and took a long walk too it was a beautiiul day!!

  4. Those were REAL bargains! I gardened, gardened, gardened, did some photoshop work and then managed to lose it all, swore a bit (a lot, actually), then sat out and listened to the bird song till it got dark and watched bats........... a good day.

  5. What great treasures you found. Did you "need" a new machine?

    I spent some time with two grandsons sleeping over. We spent some time learning to make things on the sewing machines. One of the boys jammed the machine but it was good to teach him how to unjam.

    I have been stitching of course.

  6. What fantastic bargains, you can never have too many machines. I went to my four year old grand daughter's birthday party.

  7. cor what a busy day you had, I'm worn out thinking about it lol, great finds love the puppet and the sewing machine wow. My day well today we had an afternoon at anthony head lighthouse but unfortuneately forgot the camera story of my life lol ju x

  8. it sounds like a lovely day...great finds too! I did a wee bit of thrifting, a lot of eating, and some stitching. meh, not a very interesting day for me...

  9. Sorry work gets in the way of blogging so forgive my tardiness in replying....
    Emma your amazing postcards arrived today i will post them up here they are FAB...thank you
    Corrine I think Gracie likes the cool earth it hasn't upset my wisteria yet but don't know how far down she is going to dig....x
    Caterina that sounds perfect it was lovely here too and still is today unfortunately I didn't see much of it as I was working....x
    Cathy the last part of the day sounded lovely We watch the bats in the evening it's a good end to the day....x
    Dian I don't think I 'needed 'it but you can't pass up a bargain I have a very ancient Bernina which I love but thought for a tenner my daughter could have it as she is really getting into free machine embroidery I will post up some of her work it's lovely...I'm pleased that your grandson's stitch I do find at school the boys love using the sewing machine and they are really good at 'drawing' with free machine embroidery and they don't jam up the machine so much ....x
    Ro I totally agree It was too good a bargain to pass up it does loads of different stitches and buttonholes etc ....and works really well ...How lovely a 4th birthday party ...a special day...x
    Thanks for visiting and pleased you all had lovely Sundays.....xx

  10. oops sorry didn't notice the last two comments
    Ju It wasn't as hectic as it sounds we did everything at a leisurely pace ...sometimes its better to forget the camera then you can just enjoy the time without worrying about getting photos....x
    Jacquie thats all sounds good to me what bargains did you find?....i missed doing stitching yesterday ....x

  11. I love the puppet, that was quite a find (so is the machine of course, but I just love puppets)!

  12. What an amazing bargain the machine was. I planted out lettuces and other gardening, read the newspaper, worked on a collage and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

  13. Sounds like a lovely day Lorna--I'm trying to imagine what you will do with the puppet using the sewing machine...collage an entirely new creation?

  14. Wow Lorna such great finds when ever im at a car boot i never find such great picutre of Gracie is wonderful, did you see my emboridery of the wisteria!

  15. Radka I love puppets too I would love to see a play where they use thses kinds of puppet ....x
    Heloise that sounds like a perfect day to me ..x
    Hannah i'm not sure what I'll do with the puppet i have another one perhaps do a play with them ....x
    Jennie that was a great car boot sale we didn't even get round it all it was so big ..yes i think I left a comment on that lovely wisteria embroidery.....x

  16. Paris Maddy I was delighted with them.....dontcha know .....Mwah mwah ....x

  17. I was at a carboot on Sunday,wished I had found a sewing machine like that!

  18. Yes it was a total punt but for a tenner i thought I'd give it a go ....pleased I did ....x

  19. That was your lucky day - you will have such fun and all for a tenner!!

  20. Yes Jackie I just had to have it ....bargain of the century .....x


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