Thursday, 13 May 2010

The last DREADful day

This is the last day Jim will have his Dreads ......he is cutting them to collect donations for Fire Fighters Families Charity........two firemen lost their lives recently while fighting a fire in was near where Jim was brought up so he decided to help ....I made some of his dreads and tended them lovingly ......he has had them for 6 years now and I am a teensy bit nervous about tomorrow .....I expect he'll still be as cute ......we are going into the woods and cutting them in the countryside.............will post an apres pic tomorrow ..!!!

Just thought I'd add this bit after reading all your comments .....
Thanks for your support Jim is grinning reading these about how cute he is ....and wot a bloomin brilliant idea to use them in a piece of art or under the embellisher ...How GENIUS is that ...when I made them I used a method similar to felting and sometimes used crochet hooks to get all the stray hairs woven it so they are a piece of art in themselves.....they are so dense and heavy and sometimes it's like lying on a piece of old rope ..they take about 5 hrs to dry ....but you are all right ...of course he'll be as cute ....xx


  1. WOW, that will be a big change. Can't wait to see the after photos!!! So brave. :D

  2. Oh how dreadful....just kidding...he will ever much as cute but with shorter hair is all. Bravo for him for working for such a good cause!

  3. what an amazing thing to do! good luck tomorrow
    (think he'll be just as cute!) ;)

    and feel so good about it too


  4. What a touching thing to do! And it pleases me you've built a ritual around the cutting. Good for Jim and good for you.

  5. A husband with a head full of fiber! Do you get to keep the dreads?
    How great of him to donate them! I'm sure he'll be as cute! I wonder if he'll feel lighter?

  6. What a wonderful thing to do. I am sure Jim will look just as cute
    without them, and he can always grow again....Will at least one of them show up in a fiber piece????? Have fun, can't wait to see the apres Jim.

  7. Of course he will, look at that cheeky smile! (how cheeky we all are!) What a good cause, tho (are you going to put them under the needle of the embellisher???!)

  8. I've added a PS on this post in response to all your lovely comments Jim was so pleased to read the comments he is getting a bit nervous now ...we did think we might bury the Dreads....we'll see what happens tomorrow .....xx

  9. Found you via dosfishes. Say, this is a great place to visit -- when I wore my hair very very long for 10 years and then bzzzzz. A friend said, "oh good now people will look at YOU and not your hair."
    I gave mine to Locks of Love, for kids w/ cancer. What Jim is doing is super! Good going.
    I'll be back.

  10. Thanks for your words of support Candace.....Jim will appreciate that ...and what you did was super too.....good to meet you call back soon ....xx

  11. GOOD luck for Jim!!
    PLEASE make a nice piece of fiberart out of these wonderful dreadlocks!

    Thank you for posting on my blog
    All the best

  12. Thank you Jim for cutting off your dreads.
    My husband was a fireman for 25 years and it hits all fireman when they lose a 'brother'
    It means alot.Thank you again!
    best wishes,
    Jane C

  13. Tineke Thank you for visiting and your good wishes to Jim......i would like to make a piece of fibre art out of them........not sure what Jim thinks though .....xx

  14. Thank you all for your kind words...its getting near to the time now...we will show you the after photos a little later on tonight...It is something I am blessed to be able to do for the Firemens families in Southampton...Thanks again to you all...Jim

  15. How amazing that he cut off those beautiful locks to help others. I have many friends that are very 'attached' to their dreads. One used to glue her green dreads to the side of her TV when they fell off. Not sure if it was to make the TV more attractive or to recreate an 'evil edna' will o the wisp style.


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