Monday, 3 May 2010

May Day......Allotments, Frog and Bluebell wood walk

Me getting stuck in .... Bit grey and windy May Day but that didn't stop us getting stuck in at the allotment. Caught that magnificent frog he was trying to climb the fence to get to a pond in the next allotment.Then we took the dogs for a walk in the woods full of bluebells...lovely job !!!.....xx

Video of Gracie ...No respect for furry creatures OR bluebells !!!


  1. Looks like fun and what a great frog. Our big bullfrogs haven't come up out of the mud, or at least no croaking yet. So love it when the dogs just roll around like that wrapping themselves in smell, some wild perfume. Is she deerhound, wolfhound? She is a doll.

  2. hi Corrine yes we thought she was a wolfhound cross when she was younger she was a rescue dog
    so we don't know her parentage she has got some lurcher/hound in her she is 11 now and she is still young at heart and spirit...xx

  3. cant decide whose cuter you or the frog. LOL
    allthree of you are pretty cute actually.
    Fun in the garden

  4. Thanks for taking us on your walk with you. Looks great. I love the bluebells. It is autumn here so no blue bells in sight.

    The frog is fabulous.

  5. Lynn Gee thanks.....I reckon Jim is the cutest ...although the frog comes a close second .....xx
    Dian thanks for coming on our walk with us it seems to have been a long Winter here but the bluebells are wonderful.....xx

  6. I would love one of these new small allotments Lorna, i would probably be able to cope with that....i just love the frog and bluebells too.....and Gracie is 11 she has lots of engery.

  7. Have you ever tried eating the bluebells on a salad? Very sweet and pretty too. We'll have loads of them shortly blooming in the woods here in Alaska.
    P.S. the sun finally came out!

  8. Heavenly bluebells - what a nice surprise on your woodsy walk. I think Kim's suggestion of a salad garnish would be lovely. No bluebells in my neck of the woods....

  9. Yes we don't get to the allotment as much as we should but its only small but has loads of fruit on it ....xx
    Kim I didn't know you could EAT bluebells always thought they were poisonous...pleased the sun's come out its all those positive vibes ...xx
    Hi Julie thanks for visiting what neck of the woods are you ??....xx

  10. holy cow, that's a huge frog. your dog is hilarious rubbing in the flowers!

  11. Yes it's the biggest frog I've seen for a long time and my dog is still like a puppy even tho she's 11 yrs old and should be a little more sensible...although we love her all the same ...xx


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