Friday, 23 December 2011

On the twelfth day of Christmas......A Carousel ...Perfect

A beautiful Carousel what could be more perfect on a Christmas night .........
Following source
The earliest known depiction of a carousel is in a Byzantine bas-relief dating to around 500 A.D., which depicts riders in baskets suspended from a central pole. The word carousel originates from the Italian garosello and Spanish carosella ("little battle"), used by crusaders to describe a combat preparation exercise and game played by Turkish and Arabian horsemen in the 12th century. In a sense this early device could be considered a cavalry training mechanism; it prepared and strengthened the riders for actual combat as they wielded their swords at the mock enemies. European Crusaders discovered this device and brought the idea back to their own lands.[citation needed] A carousel was also a training device for the ring-tilt, consisting of wooden horses suspended from arms branching from a central pole. Riders aimed to spear rings situated around the circumference as the carousel was moved by a man, horse, or mule.


  1. Who knew, great little history lesson - I love carousel's don't you? Merry Christmas. xox Corrine

  2. Hello..l am back..laptop all mended and working again. I have just read your 12 days of Christmas posts...beautifulxxhappy Christmas to you and tyour familyxxxxxlynda

  3. I LOVE carousels: from the lettering to the decorated animals - glorious things, just glorious! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


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