Monday, 12 December 2011

On the first day of Christmas........

Yes Kim It WAS a sewing machine that came in that big box ..........a real sweetie a Frister and Rossmann.... .very ornate..I have to source a bobbin and then she will be sewing away ........what a great start to the twelve days of Christmas.....


  1. Very cool miss Lorna. You bobbin sourcer, you. I think you do bobbin sorcery. That's what we ought to call it!
    Be on the lookout for a little something coming your way my dear.
    xoxo Kim
    PS is it just me or has your background gone all wonky on the blog? Only one square of your background is showing up for some reason

  2. It's a beauty. Enjoy using it, I know you will.

  3. What a beauty! You shall have fun sewing away now. Did you not have a machine before? Enjoy!

    BTW, I see your background as all shrunk up. Mine was too, I get mine from the same place as you do and I went to her site and she has fixes in place now for this problem.

  4. OOOOH wow, what will be a stitching on this beauty. xox Corrine

  5. wow!!......I have one of those, not as old as this one, nor as pretty ;) but 31 years old and still going strong, I use it often and I have never even replaced the light bulb!

  6. WoW!!!!!!!!!!!!! she's a beauty!!!!! how old is she?

    what a way to start the christmas holiday!


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