Friday, 9 December 2011

Don't let your I phone feel left out this Christmas.....

Knitted I phone Kozy Kovers....knitted by my fair hand (well my fair knitting machine anyhow)if you want one email me fact one of my collection of knitting machines .....a gal can't have too many knitting machines in my opinion ....ahem !!......don't know if the rest of my household agree ........


  1. en hiver, même les i-phones ont froid!!?

  2. a knitting machine??!!
    i love them!! so kozy!! i don't have an i phone though...but i think my phone is the same size as an iphone. are they on etsy? nevermind...i'll email you... :)

  3. ET phone home. I phone U. Love it. You are blossoming! xox Corrine

  4. Hi Lorna, like your phone covers. Also I decided to give out a skein of my space dyed thread in my giveaway to the next 4 out the hat and your name was one of them so if you email your address to I'll post it soon. I did send an email but don't know if they've all gone as our computer playing up. Janice (silvermoonbird)

  5. love are so arty my friendxxx

  6. Hi Lorna, you've done the iphone covers!! :) They look gorgeous!! How much are they, where can I buy one and what's your email address (can't find it) - sorry, so many questions!!
    My address is xx


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