Thursday, 22 December 2011

On the Eleventh day of Christmas

Eleven swans a'swimming Salisbury today and an owl in disguise.......Toowhit Toowhoo on the 11th day of Christmas..x.


  1. Fantastic owl or is it a steampunk gal with chains? Swans are so majestic, we have some white ones near here too and I am always amazed at just how big they are. xox Merry, Happy, Jingle Bells. Corrine

  2. 11th day of Christmas brought me "A Child's Christmas in Wales" which is on you tube now. My Christmas is now complete.
    Thinking of you. xoxo Kim

  3. What great pics Lorna. I love Salisbury, love the rivers running through town, the kids love watching the fish and birds that live there, they have a lovely park there too where you can just fall asleep under the trees, i can picture Jim sat under a tree there writing songs. That "owl" pic is fantastic, is it a fire hydrant? I have a personal love of Salisbury because it was where i was first introduced to beading on a loom. I then went on to the internet to find bead patterns, then through one turn or another, i found Maddy...and the rest is history! :)

  4. un masque de beauté! en beauté..


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