Wednesday, 14 December 2011

On the third day of Christmas.......shoe....and boots

Bought this FAB Louis shoe from Madeline's Etsy and these great wellies from the charity shop for £3 ....Christmas bargain .....x


  1. Those are the coolest wellies I think I've ever seen!

  2. les têtes de mort s'entrechoquent comme les cloches de noël..?

  3. Wow great wellies Lorna and wonderful find on esty x

  4. Those are some truely funky wellies Lorna! At the risk of sounding like a big girl, i'd wear those myself! :) Would probably have to fight the kids for them but i'm confident i'd be the victor!

    What a great price too, they'd be a fortune in the shops.

  5. cooooool! the SAME charity shop that had the bag(s)?!! great finds lorna!! LoVE those skull-y boots! skulls & roses! yeah!!

  6. I am having fun catching up on your countdown posts! Had to comment on shoes/boots of course. I'm addicted to shoes...and when I drove truck my handle was "boots" haha!
    Looks like you are having a wonderful holiday season! I am so anxious to kick off my holiday Friday at quitting time!xo


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