Monday, 6 August 2012

Tiffin in Salisbury.........

Too much pop ......... Had a lovely day out in Salisbury today ........but we needed a good old cuppa at the end of it........


  1. Been thinking about you, Must be because we only have one ocean between us now, that much closer.
    Plus tea and sewing machines and getting away from the glass studio is making me think of you too.
    Tiffin it up for me, a Typhoo tiffin...

  2. Another lovely day.... I love Salisbury. Apart from the one way system around Waitrose ... I had to go there once to collect something and I went around three times :)

    I love the brick wall...

    and again great photos...


  3. looking good girlxx Know Salisbury wellxxlynda

  4. hahahaa!!! (yikes, i knew i was behind...but this is ridiculous!)
    LOVE cross eyed ruby!!!



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