Sunday, 26 August 2012

Feather in my hair ????.......

Well you know I always wear a feather in my hair ..........:) this time I wore Pee Wee the Harris Hawk ...a good look don't you think ?
Me and Magda the Peregrine Falcon
My son Brady and his girlfriend Ellie and I went to the Forest Falconry
With Gus the little Barn Owl with a Big attitude ....... Don't know if you can see but I have just started collecting feathers in my hair by the end of the day I looked like Pocahontas .....
Can you believe it I was privileged enough to fly a Golden Eagle...well Saxon flew I just stood there with my arm out .........How amazing is that ? Below video of Me and Mascara the incredibly beautiful Eagle Owl .......I am looking away from her at times as last week she bit a woman's nose...although it was her own fault as she snuggled her nose into Mascara's face ...what else could she do ?... poor owl....but I was taking no chances she is a big bird ........
Brady flying the magnificent Saxon the Golden Eagle......


  1. What an incredible day. It is such an honor to be able to touch and be that close to those wonderful birds.

  2. Great vids. Beautiful eagle owl, and you kept a really steady hand. You are a braver gal than me. I wouldn't let a bird perch on my head for fear of ending up with unexpected highlights. The name Pee Wee doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

  3. ooh! oh! ooooh! i'm so green with envy! and pink with joy and gratitude that you get to have these experiences!! i absolutely adore falcons! my heart soared with mascara...even as i could see yours soaring, too, in your eyes! thank you so much for sharing these photos and vids!

  4. ai..doit faire mal sur la tête!!!

  5. HA! you should see my latest blog post!
    they are magnificent creatures

  6. What a lovely day out....

    I bet those feathers will turn up some time soon in your art!

    They are beautiful birds... glad you stayed the right distance away to keep your nose safe.... really, who'd think of snuggling up to a bird of prey? Arms length definitely the way to go :)


  7. Wonderful. The look on your face was so precious. You made a new friend and I am proud of you for your bravery!

  8. Wow, some gorgeous birds. That golden eagle was massive. Brady is a brave lad. xox

  9.'re brave!! i would have kept my head turned too...
    i bet she started to get pretty heavy holding your arm out like that!

    HEY...i liked hearing your voice lorna!!

    VERY cool pictures...BIG birds...LOVE 'em!
    at least the one in the first picture didn't POOP on your head, right?!! =)

  10. I am SO ENVIOUS! This looks like such an incredible experience.

  11. What wonderful images..l am so jealous of what you all did.....xbeautiful birdsxlynda


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